10 foods that speed up Aging

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The experts agree if the radiation of sunlight, stress, and gene is the cause of aging factors. However, what about the food that we consume? Nutritionists agree if certain foods can cause the appearance of aging. Therefore, we should not arbitrarily follow excessive appetite. The page reader’s Diggest alerts you 10 types of foods that speed up aging.
1. Baked Goods Reduces consumption trans fats are very important for our health. A nutritionist from New York named Keith-Thomas Ayoob, trans fats are often found in the partial terhidrogenasi of vegetable oil. This material often found in baked goods. Therefore, it is important to always read the ingredient label when shopping. In fact, we may have to look for the label because product makers sometimes put it at the bottom of the product. The way this was done with the hope that consumers don’t see it.
2. Dairy products even though everyone is different body reactions, an expert on diet and nutrition Amy Shapiro says, some people can experience aging quickly as consuming milk. This is because milk is a food that is sensitive for adults. So, it is important to pay attention to adverse reaction and make changes. According to health experts, Romio dairy processed foods can cause some individuals get a skin reaction. These reactions can be eczema or psoriasis, the itchy red, scaly patches on the skin that are red, and inflamed. “These foods can aggravate skin problems and, often times, when we are not consumption, the skin improves, ” he added. Read also: Does Choose Low-Fat Milk When Living on a Diet?
3. Protein high fat meats and sausages may already be public breakfast menu. However, diet expert Paul Salter says, these foods contain saturated fats and trans fats is very high. Eating these foods will negatively affect cholesterol and blood lipids. In addition, these foods also contribute to weight gain and inflammation. Of course this will impact badly on our body and skin. “Fat High Protein requires time, energy, and resources significant for digested and absorbed, ” said Paul Salter. This is what in the end, said Paul Salter, taking a supply of nutrients from the rest of our body.
4. high-salt Foods Keith-Thomas Ayoob recommends that we eat salt to taste only. Salt can negatively affect our body, especially the skin. According to him, dinner with menu of high-sodium make us wake up in the morning with a swollen face. This happens because the terlaliu much salt makes the body retain water. That’s why he suggested to not consume too much salt in the evening. Moreover, if the next day we will be attending an important event. If we eat too much salt, drink plenty of water to ameliorate the negative effects that may happen the next day. “In the afternoon, you may pee a lot of water that is stuck, ” says Keith-Thomas Ayoob.
5. The alcohol must be properly hydrated Skin to retain its elasticity and firmness. Therefore, we should avoid all the things that can reduce the water in the skin. In addition to the cleanliness of the bed, drinking alcohol also affects the skin of the face. Many studies have shown sleep deprivation and dehydration can have an impact on the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. “Drinking alcohol can make us sleepy at first, but there is an effect in the future which may reduce the quality of sleep, ” says Keith-Thomas Ayoob. “One or two glasses are fine, but more than that is also a negative effect conferring on the liver, which is the organ of the body Detox, ” he added.
6. Pan fried foods tasty meal indeed. But, this food accelerated the coming of aging. Fried foods contain nutrients that are low. In addition, the oil used to fry it contains trans fat. Although many oils that contain trans fats low now, but the cooking oil can cause weight gain. Almost all of them have a high calorie diet. Keith-Thomas Ayoob said the addition of fat in the body’s negative effect conferring on the skin. This is what ultimately makes us look fast aging.

7. high sugar Drinks in addition to carbonated drinks, high sugar-containing beverages is also not good for our bodies. According to Keith-Thomas Ayoob, fizzy drinks contain phosphoric acid, which can accelerate erosion of teeth on email. “Bad teeth that will make you look older from you, and all the empty calories that also doesn’t rewarding for you, ” he insists. As an alternative to sugar substitute, Keith-Thomas Ayoob, advised us to replace it with stefia. Stefia is a natural sweetener with no calories. These sweeteners do not contribute to tooth decay. In fact, the compound in it also contains anti-bacterial zar.
8. Saturated fat Diet high in red meat, milk, and cheese can make us look older than actual age. According to Rebecca Lewis, a nutritionist from HelloFresh, the food contains saturated fats that can accelerate aging. “Excessive saturated fat Consumption, especially when combined with foods high in sugar, will contribute to inflammation, ” said him. In addition, Rebecca describes a diet high in fat and sugar will cause weight gain. Indirectly, these foods also result in inflammation in the body. Read also: get to know the kind of fat that most evil 9. creamy coffee without milk trans fats capable of creating free radicals that create plaques in the arteries. Consuming foods that contain trans fats on a regular basis, can lead to problems with blood circulation and heart health. One of the ingredients of foods containing trans fat this is a non-dairy coffee cream or coffee cream that does not contain dairy products. Keith-Thomas Ayoob said, this certainly would be bad on aging. By consuming the foodstuffs, the aging process will occur more quickly.
10. Popcorn watching a movie while you enjoy delicious win popcorn. But, popcorn contains salt and trans fat. Moreover, if the popcorn is cooked with butter. As alterntif, we can cook popocorn with oil that is low in calories and fat.

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