10 Vegetables for babies 6 months that must be Consumed

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After going through the process of childbirth, the baby will get exclusive nutritional intake only from the mother’s BREAST MILK. Then, after passing through the stages of development of baby 6 months, then the baby will be introduced with the intake of other nutrients that is termed as MPASI. Most food ingredients that made this is MPASI vegetables or fruit – buahan. And this time, I would like to discuss a bit more about some kinds of vegetables for babies 6 months that can be given to help maximize your daily nutritional needs in infants.

1. Spinach
One type of vegetable that is very good for babies is spinach. Spinach is known as one of the types of vegetables that contain iron to help the production of red blood cells. With the number of red blood cells that match then the baby will avoid some of the earmarks of an infant iron deficiency anemia. Fiber content in spinach was also able to prevent constipation.
2. Corn
Corn also has a variety of nutritional content in it like carbohydrates, calories, and vitamin C in sufficient amounts. Granting of corn on a baby can be one effective way to help fullfill his daily nutrition needs. In addition, corn, also known as food ingredients that can substitute for rice also has enough calories to make a baby still has the stamina to move. So, after consuming maize so the baby can move freely will fill your heart all day.
3. Potatoes
Amino acid on potatoes that serve as helpers of the nervous system in order to remain active is one of the indispensable nutrient intake by infants who are in the period of its growth. The nervous system is good and healthy of course will support the growth and development of babies as well as being able to help to prevent the baby from different types of abnormalities that might occur.
4. Broccoli
One of these green veggies in addition to having levels of fiber which is good for the body but it also has antioxidants that can serve as the anti free radicals that are good for the body. The fewer free radicals in the body it will be the higher the level of a person’s immune system.
5. Chayote
Vegetables for babies 6 months next is chayote. Chayote is very good for helping a baby who has problems of anemia. Causes of infant sickle-surely it would be better to be avoided by consuming chayote. It has a population of red blood cells in sufficient amount then the metabolic processes in the body would work more smoothly.
6. String Beans
Long beans contain nutrients in the form of phosphorus, iron, vitamins B1, B2, viamin and many more. Give long beans as one of MPASI for infants is also one of the most appropriate choice to help support the development of your baby.
7. Zucchini
Zucchini is known as courgette is indeed at a glance much like eggplant. However, there are many benefits that can be obtained from consuming zucchini as it helps keep the body’s immune system due to the womb are quite high in anti oxidants on the zucchini.
8. Red beans
For your baby that has problems with appetite, then granting beans could be one way to help control your baby’s appetite. Therefore, red bean into one of the good options as food for the baby.

9. Sweet potato
Sweet potato is claimed capable of giving more than 100% of the body’s daily needs because of a lot of content of nutrients in it. In addition to his nutritional, soft texture can also be one reason why sweet potatoes could be one option MPASI and substitute rice better.
10. Green beans
No doubt if the green beans have a lot of nutrient content. Food companion ASI age 6 months in the form of green beans was also able to complete the necessary daily nutrients to assist the growth and development of infants. Not only on the baby, but the benefits provided by green beans can also be perceived by all circles.

So, that’s some kind of vegetables for babies 6 months can be a reference for your baby MPASI. Maybe there is indeed some kind of vegetable that arguably has a texture that is hard enough, then you need to find out how the right processing without removing the content of nutrients that exist in these vegetables. Because there are still many people who arguably have the wrong cooking techniques so that the content of nutrients and vitamins that are in certain foodstuffs could be lost. Hopefully this information can be useful and helpful for you. Find also a variety of other interesting information such as vitamin a good baby and other interesting articles on this website.

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