11 Culinary midnight in Yogya it should you try, the oath is delicious!

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Yogyakarta as if dont ever sleep, in a late night there is still life in each of its corners.

Yogyakarta as if dont ever sleep, in a late night there is still life in each of its corners. One of them is the presence of culinary midnight.


This is what makes young people are hooked, stayed up late dont be afraid of starvation when the middle of the night. There are lots of stalls and eateries open until morning.


Want to know what are the culinary midnight in Yogya? Here, culinary place 11th at midnight, 1. Gudeg Bromo

Special food of Yogyakarta, this one is indeed quite easily found, either in the morning, the afternoon was even until the early hours. One is a Gudeg Bromo. Gudeg Bromo on Jalan Gejayan, precisely in the North of the Campus Center building Sanata Dharma.


Gudeg Bromo serving of warm wet with a wide range of additional toppings like tempe, tofu, eggs, chicken and claws. Any famous kreceknya sauce savory and spicy, make eyes more literate. Gudeg Bromo that open from 23.00 WIB is also already a subscribed capital of artists.


  1. Gudeg Pawon


You want to enjoy a home atmosphere of warm? Please come to Pawon Gudeg which is in Janturan Street, Yogyakarta. Gudeg Pawon Temple open from 22.00 PM till morning.


Dining is suitable for you who feel hungry in the middle of the night. But please be patient, because you rarely have to willingly not lining up, to enjoy a plate of warm which is directly accessed from the pawonnya (kitchen) the owner.


  1. Garbage Soup

Soto garbage that was on the road, the front of the GAS STATION Kranggan Kranggan is actually open 24 hours. However, it will usually be more crowded when the hours 22.00 PM until 04.00 pm.


This soup can be an alternative after you and your partner a night in Yogyakarta. Place nearby from Tugu makes it easy to reach.

  1. Ya Gudeg Sasha


Gudeg Ya Sasha sits in front, namely Jalan Gejayan Mirota supermarket. Gudeg Ya sasha open from 22.00 PM until 04.00 p.m. is usually around.


Gudeg Ya Sasha never deserted the buyer, starving students from midnight until another subscription-subscription intentionally come. Gudeg is served on a platter of these banana leaf-lined bamboo favors once eaten with my spouse.


  1. Chicken Noodle Grabyas


Pengen nights eating chicken noodle? Ehhmm, could also kok guys. You could try chicken noodle Grabyas residing in Malioboro Street, right across from the hotel Inna Garuda.


Chicken noodle is open at about 23.00 PM until 04.00 pm. Although a bit weird eating chicken noodle at midnight, but in fact the stall tents in this emperan never deserted visitors.


  1. rice Rames Demangan


After visiting the most delicious night fill the stomach before going to bed. You who dont like the menu neko-neko but want an assortment of side dishes can go to rice Rames Demangan.


Warung rice rames is shaped tent stalls, street Demangan. Open at about 21.00 PM until the early hours. The stall is also a favorite of college students, because they make a lot of choices and the price is pretty cheap.


  1. House of Raminten


If you dont want to eat on the sidewalk, you can come to the House Of Raminten which is in The New City, Yogyakarta.


House Of Raminten is open 24 hours. You can dine on unique menus with a distinctive atmosphere. Suitable to go with thy friend.


  1. Stir Mercon Bu Narti


If you are lovers of the pungent, you can also BER culinary midnight to stir mercon Bu Narti. Stir-fried, mercon comprises kikil, lard, skin, and bone broth plus a young form of cayenne pepper totaling duhai, pisses keringetan.


Stir-fried, mercon Bu Narti open until midnight even until 02.00 pm. Stir-fried, mercon Bu Narti on Jalan Kh Ahmad Dahlan or PKU West of Yogyakarta.


  1. Broil Warung Samirono

Warung sate is indeed different from the others. Samirono Satay stalls, open 24 hours. This Satay stalls are on the road or across Colombo GOR UNY. Warung sate samirono provides a wide range of Satay chicken skewers, goat satay, goulash and resembles tengkleng.


  1. Place


Dont complete it feels if the culinary talk night in Yogyakarta but did not enter a place in it. This place has become the hallmark of Yogyakarta itself. There are many place that you can find, in every corner of the city. Among them are open until the early hours was angkirngan Lik Man in tugu, Angkringan Mangkubumi (front office of popular sovereignty) or angkringan Kinds.


  1. Burjo Stall


In addition to this, a typical stall in Yogyakarta is burjo stalls are open 24 hours. Specialty hard boiled egg or rice noodles can drugs so when you midnight hunger

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