3 food and drink healthier If Plus Honey

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Food or drink what you usually add honey as a topping or olesannya? Most of us naturally choose foods that tend to be bland or flavor without added honey on it, Yes.
It is indeed add to the enjoyment of going to the food and drink we consume, Yes.
However, add honey on foodstuffs can also provide health benefits for the body, if the type of food or drink that added honey is a type of food that is right
Curious what groceries could be more healthy if added honey? Yuk, equally we see explanation below!
Tips on choosing a good food or a drink added honey
Food or drinks could be more healthy if plus honey is not the origin of food, why?
This is because of the high nutrient content of honey will sugar or simple carbohydrates.
This condition should we take advantage of to the maximum so that intake of nutrients there is honey can be used with optimal by the body.
To that end, we recommend the honey not much added to some food or drinks:

• foods that contain a lot of carbohydrates, such as bread or biscuits
You of course often add honey on top of bread, crackers, or preparations of other carbohydrates, Yes.
This is not completely wrong, but the intake of sugar in honey can increase the calories of the same nutrients, namely carbohydrates. If held continuously, the intake of carbohydrates in the body can be excessive.
-Calorie beverages
Add honey in drinks is indeed a thing
• very common, although it is also not completely wrong, however, if you add the honey on the drinks that already have a lot of calories and energy, then your calorie intake and energy in the body can also be redundant.
Thus, a drink or a meal what could be healthier if added honey?
Food or drinks could be more healthy if added honey is a food that doesn’t contain carbohydrates or sugar.
This will complement the existing nutrient content menu of foods that we consume.
Some food and beverage ingredients that can be added to honey, is:
1. animal-protein food Food
You often hear some animal protein food menu, such as grilled chicken or fish seasoning, which get extra seasonings honey, isn’t it?
Yes, this is one super healthy food menu which has complete nutritional.
Animal-protein food food menu added honey can complement protein that is low in carbohydrates.
It will make Your meal has protein and carbohydrates, in the form of a healthy natural sugar. Food-protein food menu so that You will be more healthy, isn’t it?
2. Nuts
Never tried a dish of beans with honey? If not, then this one dish is also not less healthy because of extra honey thus provides a natural sugar intake on peanuts. This will provide nutritional intake
Not only that, the intake of phytonutrients that have been high on the nuts will also be getting higher with the addition of honey, for honey also contain phytonutrients that are quite high.
3. low-calorie beverages
Do not add the origin of honey on the drinks, so that the maximum content of its nutrition value, try adding honey in natural drinks are indeed low in calories.
Instead of beverages contain calories and energy, for example, the juice from the fruit that tastes sweet, or sweet drinks packaging.
The addition of honey which could make the intake of drinks the more healthy is the addition of honey in a fresh tea or drink natural herbs for example bandrek or long. This could give the energy intake on the body after consuming a drink the honey with natural

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