5 Advantages of consuming organic foods

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Organic food has now become a sort of new health trend for society. Organic food, good fruit and vegetable, are the foods that are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers of any kind. organic beef or lamb is the meat derived from animals that are not injected with growth hormone, because it is considered healthier.
However, organic foods have a price is more expensive than regular food. Even so, prices are expensive of course according to the quality offered. Here are some of the advantages in terms of health if you prefer organic food, such as offered by Mag for Women.
1. Protect the body from harmful chemical substances
Organic fruit and vegetables are grown naturally and without the use of any chemicals. Because there are no chemicals or fertilizers are used, means you consume natural fruit and vegetable does not contain chemical substances. This will minimize your chances of experiencing digestive problems or health problems due to the chemicals contained in food. Eating organic food means you enter the safe food to your mouth and your body
2. No growth hormones in meat
Diternak animals are grass-fed organic and natural results, and not injected with growth hormones that make them fat. There are many diseases that can be caused by growth hormone in meat that is accidentally entered into the body. By eating organic meat, you don’t need to worry about with chemicals or hormones that are present in the meat of animals.
3. Environmentally friendly
Pesticides and fertilizers are not only dangerous to the body, but also could be bad on the soil quality and the environment. In other words, when using the redundant farmers fertilizers and pesticides can also cause pollution on land and water used to grow fruit and vegetables. By doing planting organically, they will reduce pollution and destruction against the land and the environment.
4. More nutrients
Plants are grown naturally without chemical more powerful and contain more vitamins and antioxidants. This makes organic fruit and vegetables are becoming more healthy and nutritious vegetables. As long as this use of pesticides is associated with headaches, dizziness, cancer, birth defects, and other health problems.
5. No berpengawet
Vegetables and fruits that are grown with chemical fertilizers and pesticides are sometimes also experience the process of irradiation which makes it more durable. It is indeed profitable, but the process also changed the molecular structure and potentially unsafe food for the body. Though organic fruits and vegetables rotting faster, but they are more safe and healthy.
That’s some benefits to eating organic food compared to a food that is not organic. However, to get the organic foods, you should be willing to spend money on more tires

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