5 Benefits Of Tomato Consumption Before Bedtime

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Tomato is a red fruit which belongs also the vegetables into the round. It feels very fresh and tasty when consumed in a State already cooked or raw.

Did you know that turned out to be a lot of benefits you get if consuming the tomato beds prior to the body?

When your body wants to rest, then it’s good you set aside time to make tomato juice first. Then the juice can you drink before going to bed soon so that the vitamins contained in tomatoes can be processed when the process of regeneration of the cells while you sleep.

Here there are some of the benefits of eating the tomatoes before you sleep that we collect from several sources:

1. Control your blood pressure

There are two types of kolestrol in the body, i.e. the good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. The amount of bad cholesterol should be less than the good cholesterol, so blood pressure is always in normal condition. By consuming mineral-rich tomatoes before bed will greatly help the setting flowing cholesterol in your blood.

2. Maintain eye health

Tomatoes contain vitamin A which is very good for the eyes. The sufferer’s eyes minus suggested many consume tomatoes in order to eye health can get back to normal. Benefits of vitamin A in tomatoes could be as nutrients for eye health. In addition the presence of folic acid, thiamine and niacin has also become a helper to cure disorders of the eye and try to mengonsumsinya before bed.

3. Maintaining heart health

Did you know that in one medium-sized tomatoes, there are 235 mg of potassium which is beneficial for mengontol pulse to make heart remains in stable state while pumping blood throughout the body. In the heart of the work is light, then different kinds of illnesses can be avoided including stroke. Then before bed, you better try to consume tomatoes.

4. Meet the needs of Vitamins

Tomatoes contain a lot of useful vitamins once in the body namely vitamins A, B, B12, C, E, and k. Even, Tomatoes contain 20% need nutrition your body needs for a day. By eating a slice of tomato, you can already meet the nutritional needs of the day. Wow really wonderful Yes benefits of tomatoes.

5. Maintaining healthy bones and teeth

The benefits of eating the tomatoes before bed can give effect is directly on the teeth and bones. Calcium as a nutrient that is very beneficial to bones and teeth were also contained in tomatoes, so eating tomatoes regularly will make no easy porous bone, and teeth become strong and healthy. You certainly want to have healthy bones and teeth until the age Cap.

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