5 Rare Specialities that You Try run out to watch the Asian Games

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The biggest sports party se-Asia is now underway in Jakarta and Palembang until 2 September. Has been opened with the opening ceremony which was so magnificent and suck up a lot of worldwide attention, the 2018 Asian Games is expected to be able to participate in the international world on Indonesia introduced.
In addition to its excellent opening was held on August 18, yesterday, it turns out that there are still many other things we can proud of Indonesia. One of them is a wealth of spices and traditional recipes from the Betawi specialties lure tongue plus make hooked.
These five mandatory Betawi specialties you try, there’s your favorite gak?
1. Fried bean sprouts

Fried bean sprouts are usually always there in weddings with the indigenous Betawi. This meal is made of bean sprouts that are sauce mixed with douchi fermented beans. Although it is presented without the use of rice, fried bean sprouts this could make our stomach full as there wet noodles, tofu and rice cake in each serving.
In Toge Goreng Mang Idi located at Jalan Karang Middle Kingdom RT 5/4 No. 5A Lebak Bulus, you can taste how this brings a festive cheap food that is sold at a price of no more than 20 thousand rupiah per one serving!
2. Soto betawi
Different from other regions, soto Betawi soto has its own uniqueness which makes it much sought after for culinary lovers have a savory gravy that blends perfectly with the softness of tripe in it.
You guys can enjoy soto betawi costing 37 thousand rupiah in Soto Betawi Afung that has stood since the year 1982. This place is located in the alley Gloria, Glodok, West Jakarta.
3. in Curry Stews
Processed foods with a distinctive aroma is indeed ye shall not miss, because it will be very delicious when processed into typical in Curry stews. To enjoy djenkolic stews are legit and tasted sweet-sweet savory, you can visit Warteg Warmo on Jalan Tebet Raya No. 1 d Tebet, South Jakarta.
Warteg dating back 70 years of the ‘ 80s even have ever been visited by artists such as Rhoma Irama and Dahlan Iskan lho! For the price you do not need to worry, because with 20 thousand rupiah ye could’ve gorged enjoy the deliciousness typical Betawi in Curry stews.
4. Candied kolang-kaling
This time it was the turn of typical sugary foods you should try Betawi, namely candied kolang-kaling. These sweets are made from kolang-kaling who was given the pandan leaves, soda and sugar, which is then stored overnight so the sweetness seep.
Sweets are usually always there every day-a great day as Eid al-Fitr. But you can also make yourself because do I not bother and very easy.
5. Tape uli
The latter there is a snack food similar to the snacks are eaten while the afternoon for society Betawi, namely tape uli. This meal consists of two parts namely the sticky tape made by fermentation using yeast. And sticky rice that is pounded until fine with pestle.
Tape uli would be so delicious when eaten at the same time, blend the flavors a bit acid from tape and lembutnya collisions uli will create a flavor that melts in the mouth. You can try to buy it on Tape Uli Betawi Aan Group located in JL. Junior 258 No. RT. 5, Ciracas, Cibubur.
For the price is usually around 50 thousand rupiah for one baking sheet uli and one large container of sticky tape, all depending on how much you guys buy it. Because tape uli is usually made based on an order from the buyer.
Well, that last five specialties required Betawi ye cobain guys. If you are interested in trying the numbers how nih?

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