5 types of Food that can Cool the body

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High temperature while drought often make the body sultry and overheating. Therefore, eating cold foods and beverages is considered as the most appropriate way to lower body temperature.

Not only a refreshing cold drink that can cool the body, there is also the lho, foods that can help lower body temperature while it is overheating.

Thus, the food is just as good for consumption when the body temperature is increasing?

  1. Cucumber


The abundant moisture content on cucumber can serve to hydration the body, especially when the dry season comes. In addition can be eaten directly, a blend of lemon and cucumber can also be consumed as fresh and healthy juice to cool body temperature.

  1. Watermelon

Rich in water, it is not surprising that this red fleshy fruit into a favorite meal when summer arrives. Watermelons serve as air conditioners in the body and can lower the temperature of the heat in the body.

  1. The Apple


In addition to high fiber, it turns out that Apple is also capable of lowering body temperature to cool. Combine apples with peanut snack nuts for healthy and fresh in summer.

  1. Pineapple

Not only serves as a cooling body, pineapple is also able to reduce the inflammation that occurs in the body. Combine this with fresh yellow fruit with varieties of fruits and vegetables that are more like cold bananas, spinach, and cucumber to the intake of fresh energy.

  1. Green vegetables


The high content of nutrients in green vegetables does have a wide range of health benefits for the body, one of which is to lower the temperature on the body. In addition, green vegetables contain a high water content so it is easy to digest, and make energy can stay awake


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