6 benefits of whole wheat bread For the potent Tarbukti Diet

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Now consume the bread is no longer just be a habit of Westerners. However in Asia such as Indonesia’s consumption has become one of the Favorites menu for quick, healthy breakfast, and fills every day. Ranging from fresh bread, sweet bread with stuffing, to a wide variety of fruit jam or chocolate. Even among the young people of the bread begin to shift the rice as the main carbohydrate sources in Indonesia.
In general we consume bread that is often divided into two types, namely fresh white bread and whole wheat bread. Fresh white bread is bread made from wheat flour is the main ingredient so that the colour is whiter and softer teskturnya. While the wheat bread is bread made from whole wheat or wheat flour instead of wheat flour. Whole wheat flour has a somewhat rough texture and lightly browned.
To make it more rich people usually prefer to consume whole grain breads for breakfast. That’s because wheat bread has more fiber than with fresh white bread. Some bakeries sell bread wheat usually add some kind of seeds or fruit to support the appearance and nutrition complement on the bread. Whole wheat bread is rich in content that is beneficial for the body’s health and beauty. One of them is the benefits of whole wheat bread to diet and anti cancer. Before discussing about the improved, it’s good we know the content of wheat bread first. Here are some of the nutritional value of information contained in 100 grams of bread wheat:
1. Calories 259 kcal
2.4.11 g Fat
3. Carbohydrates 47.14 g
4. Fiber 4.4 g
5. sugar 5.49 g
6.9.13 g Protein
7. Sodium 530 mg
8.204 mg Potassium
Whole wheat bread also has some other content such as B vitamins, minerals and magnesium. Low fat levels in bread wheat and absence of cholesterol makes secure wheat bread consumed each day. It also has a fitokemikal compound purportedly capable of resisting the growth of cancer cells in the body.
The Benefits Of Whole Wheat Bread For A Diet
The consumption of bread wheat is highly recommended when doing a low calorie diet. Usually whole wheat bread into breakfast menu while dieting and healthy menus are juxtaposed with others such as boiled eggs and carrot juice. Diet using wheat bread is not only safe for pregnant women but also safe for mothers breastfeeding. But for nursing mothers it is worth paying attention to some breastfeeding. One of the benefits of whole wheat bread to whole wheat bread because it brings about diet is able to facilitate digestion. It happened because the whole wheat bread that is consumed is able to keep the bowel movement and stimulate the growth of bacteria which serve to destroy the food in the stomach, and the leftovers are not beneficial can quickly dispose of through a funnel the disposal. In addition the content of fiber in whole wheat bread also makes its consumption feel full longer and avoid eating other foods which can add weight. The benefits of whole wheat bread to diet will be the more feels if done right and balanced exercise routine. Here’s how the diet of whole wheat bread every day:
1. Consumption of 1-2 pieces of whole wheat bread every morning as breakfast menu
2 combine breakfast menu earlier with other healthy foods such as vegetables or fruit salad
3. Drink 1 glass of milk without sugar or fruit juices or vegetable
4. avoid consumption of rice at lunch
5. Do exercise routine with at least 15 minutes a day
6. Do the activity that repeats every day
If the way diet wheat bread was done correctly then the result of your weight would be reduced to 11 kg in the period 3-4 months. If you want to go on a diet that was faster and did not have enough time to exercise you can do without sports in time a week.

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