6 best foods for Ageless

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BEST FOODS for AGELESS should have started Your consumption from now on. Because, from the BRAIN down to the bone, what you eat will greatly affect how your body processes.
Manuel Villacorta, dieticians and nutrition book author-Whole Body Reboot said, “what you eat will give a huge difference against the aging process and feeling you. ”
“Your skin will look younger with the right foods, ” said Allison t. Pontius, MD, antiaging treatment and regeneration expert at the Williams Center for Plastic Surgery, NY.
This is the food to keep you youthful.
1. Fruit and vegetable fresh rich color.
ANTIOXIDANTS in vegetables and fruits that are rich in colors such as green leafy vegetables, tomato red, Blueberry and carrot were able to stop the destructive unstable molecule cells of a healthy body. So, every time you eat, make sure that half of your plate loaded by vegetables and fresh fruit. Five to nine servings of vegetables and fruit per day, that is the amount that you should eat to slow down premature aging.
2. Triad of antioxidants; Vitamin C, zinc and betakaroten.
All three can prevent macular makular which causes blindness after 64 years of age. If you already suffer from degenarasi makular, the triads can help slow the process degenarasi is becoming increasingly severe. The old green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, kale and broccoli are a triumvirate of good antioxidants. You can also maintain eye health by eating vegetables and brightly colored fruits like citrus, corn, pumpkins and cantaloupe.
Antioxidants like VITAMIN C can even make your skin toned so it looks younger. A scientific study, people who eat lots of fruits and vegetable colors yellow-orange have fewer wrinkles. So, how can You be reducing wrinkles by consuming the antioksisan triumvirate.
This type of very strong antioxidants in grapes and red wine, called resveratrol, may help reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and premature aging of the cells of the body.
3. Grain.
Eating whole grains are rich in fiber such as wheat, barley, brown rice and guinoa can reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes. A diet rich in whole grains may also help blood vessels in conditions relaxed. Three servings of whole grains, that is what you should eat every day.
4. Fish.
Omega-3 acids in fish offers many benefits of Antiaging early. Omega-3 acids are able to protect the heart and reduces the risk of stroke and Alzheimer’s. Two servings of fish each week, that’s what you’re supposed to benefit its optimal consumption i.e. prevent aging self
5. Calcium and vitamin d.
Both can maintain bone health and prevent osteoporosis. Because cow’s milk into the middle of the debate, you could find a source of calcium and vitamin D such as soy milk and almond milk. The rays of the morning sun is also rich in vitamin D
6. Nuts.
The fat in nuts is a healthy type of fat. A scientific study revealed that eating nuts regularly can lower the risk of blood pressure and high cholesterol by up to 20 percent. It is recommended you only ate 1/ounce of nuts per day or the equivalent of four almonds.
The food should be reduced in order to prevent premature aging
There are foods that help the cells you are youthful, there are also foods that can accelerate aging. For example, the fat in the meat and fatty milk. Both of which can increase the risk of blockage of blood vessels.
Limit sugar consumption of as little as possible. Too much sugar causes increased levels of glucose in the blood and causes insulin resistance which resulted in type-2 diabetes. Diabetes can damage the blood vessels, leading to heart disease. The less sugar you consume, the more healthy your body, said Pontius.

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