7 benefits of Honey for health

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For thousands of years the honey is used in a variety of treatment. Al Quran from 1,400 years ago stated:
“And your Lord revealed to the Bee:” make the nest-nest in hills, on trees and in places that are contrived human (bee farm). Then eat of every (kind of) fruits and tackle Your path who have facilitated (for you). ” From bee stomachs it out drinks (honey) that varied in colour, it included a drug that cures for humans. Verily, in this is really there is a sign (of the greatness of God) for people who think. [QS. An-Nahl: 68-69]
Before antibiotics were discovered in 1930 ‘s, the honey is still used in the treatment of various diseases. With human to modern medicine, the honey lost its role of kian. Lately, when many bacteria are becoming resistant to the drugs, many people “back to nature” by making use of honey in treatment.
What are the benefits of honey? Here are the 7 benefits of honey for health:


1. Cure wounds and ulcers.
Honey has been used for centuries for the treatment of wounds and ulcers. Honey contains glucose and an enzyme called glucose oxidase. In the right conditions, can break down glucose glucose oxidase honey be hydrogen peroxide, a substance that is a powerful antiseptic. Honey in the Pack can’t do this reaction. To be active and break down of glucose oxidase, glucose, honey requires an environment with a pH of 5.5-8.0 and sodium. The PH of pure honey that ranges between 3.2 and 4.5 is too low to activate the enzyme. Skin and body fluids (e.g., blood) have relatively high pH and contain sodium thus providing the right conditions for the formation of hydrogen peroxide.
2. Stimulate tissue growth
Propolis, pollen, and enzymes, vitamins and minerals in honey can stimulate the growth of new tissue. When used on Burns, Sunbird will speed up healing and reduce the amount of scarring.
3. Smooth skin
Acid, gluconate and other mild organic acids contained in honey can loosen the bonds of dead skin cells so as to accelerate regeneration, reduces wrinkles and aging, balance oil, and increases the elasticity of the skin. Honey also contains sugar and an amino acid that helps skin retain moisture.

Nutritional value per 100 g of honey
Energy 304 kcal
82.4 g carbohydrates
82.12 g sugar
Fiber 0.2 g
Fat 0 g
Protein 0.3 g
17.10 g water
Riboflavin (Vit. B2) 0038 mg (3%)
Niacin (Vit. B3) 0121 mg (1%)
Pantothenic Acid (Vit. B5) 0068 mg (1%)
0.024 mg vitamin B6 (2%)
Folate (Vit. B9) 2 mg (1%)
Vitamin C 0.5 mg (1%)
Calcium 6 mg (1%)
Iron 0.42 mg (3%)
Magnesium 2 mg (1%)
Phosphorus 4 mg (1%)
52 mg of potassium (1%)
Sodium 4 mg (0%)
Zinc 0.22 mg (2%)
5. Powerful antioxidant
Honey has a very high antioxidant content so as to keep the body from free radical attack. In fact, antioxidants called “pinocembrin” only found in honey. This makes your body more healthy, avoid diseases and look more youthful.
6. Lower the glucose and blood cholesterol
Although sweeter than sugar, honey has a low glycemic index because it is absorbed into the bloodstream gradually. You who have diabetes should reduce the high Glycemic berindeks food because it would encourage a surge in blood glucose.
Honey is the safest alternative sweetener than sugar or synthetic sugars. Some research even suspect honey can lower blood glucose. Minerals and vitamins are natural in honey also helps lower the levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) in the body.
7. Relieve respiratory disease
Honey is very effective for respiratory diseases. A study in Bulgaria on almost 18,000 patients found that honey helps cope with chronic bronchitis, asthma, bronchitis, allergies and chronic rinitis sinusitis. Honey is an effective remedy for colds, flu, and respiratory infections.
In addition to the seven benefits of honey on the top, overall very good for you as they contain lots of vitamins and minerals (see table). Dark colored honey contain vast amounts of nutrients than lighter colored ones. In contrast, the sugar has no antioxidant nutrients or at all. So, replace the sugar with honey as a sweetener has many advantages.

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