7 Processed Egg Typical All-round Indonesia

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The egg became one of the most abundant food prepared by people in Indonesia. Combined with herbs and spices, a traditional variety of processed eggs are delicious became the Favorites menu for dining with family.
In addition to processed into delicious dishes, apparently the eggs also often utilized for energy drinks. Want to know what are the creations of processed eggs typical of Indonesia?
1. Egg Balado
Balado egg is an egg-based dishes typical of Indonesia which can easily you find at home eating Pasture. Made from an egg that has been boiled and then mingled balado seasonings such as chili joint, onions, and spices, processed egg has a spicy taste tempting. Although the balado egg specialties is Padang, West Sumatra, but refined it has spread throughout Indonesia and became one of the mainstay menu lunch delights for the family.
2. Boiled eggs
Although his name is boiled eggs, but make no mistake, processed eggs is not made from a mixture of boiled fish and eggs, lho. Boiled eggs is the designation for the processed eggs boiled in spices and herbs leaves.
With a long boiling process, i.e. use water mixed, boiled egg has the look of a typical Brown with savory yan felt into the egg. Boiled eggs are adapted from the Chinese cuisine is often presented as a menu in weddings, prenatal, or as a complement of gudeg.
3. salted Egg
True to its name, processed eggs are found in the area of Brebes Middle it does have taste salty so dominate. To create a strong, salty taste of eggs made from salted duck egg is coated with a mixture of powdered brick, abu, and coarse salt and then silenced for one week.
In addition to making the taste of eggs to be so salty, salty egg is also more durable, so it can be stored for days without undergoing decomposition. Salted eggs can usually be found at ngadain, in warteg (warung Tegal), even the processed back into a dish of salted egg sauce or immediacy of the sauce salted eggs.
4. egg Crust
Who does not know the crust egg? This dish is typical of popular culinary Rare tastes savory nan tease the taste buds.
Own egg crust made from a mixture of rice, chicken or duck egg, and seasoning baked in a traditional stove top until browned. Once cooked, the egg crust served with a sprinkling of dried or dried shrimp and savory serundeng.
5. Rendang talua
Rendang is talua specialties Payakumbuh, West Sumatra that has a unique look and different from rendang is usually. Don’t imagine rendang eggs intact with the texture of a wet, because rendang talua presented in the form of dry like crackers.
Its production is quite unique, first egg mixed with the dough, then didadar and then cut into small squares. This omelet pieces and then fried together seasoning rendang until it dries and turns the texture resembles the crisp crackers and crisp.
6. egg Stews
Not only the meat stews, stews eggs is also one of the egg-based dishes are popular in Indonesia. Made from chicken eggs or quail eggs cooked with onion, soy sauce, seasoning and spices, traditional stews of eggs have a savory flavor and sweet when eaten. Typically, stews eggs served as one of the fine dining menu, menu Thanksgiving meal, or a side dish of warm Companion.
7. Teh talua
Not only served as a heavy meal, it turns out there are also drinks that use raw eggs as an ingredient. Named this drink tea talua, is West Sumatra specialties that can be easily found in the stall to restaurant in West Sumatra.
As the name implies meaning tea egg, teh talua made from black tea, sugar, and whisk the egg yolk chicken that creates a thick froth on the surface of the drink. Served with lemon juice, tea favors, besides talua believed to stir up energy and stamina.

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