7 types of foods that Energize Potent Après

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Had a super busy daily schedule will certainly affect the life style, eating patterns Yes No exception, with the demands of the activity should be ‘ fast-paced ‘, the selection of food will also be increasingly messy.
Irregular food consumption is often considered trivial, but when you keep left, will cause the body to become quickly tired and lethargic. But not to worry, consuming some type of certain foods après apparently very potent to restore power and energy drained.
Thus any food? Yuk, check out his review as reported by the 1. Greek yogurt Greek yogurt has twice the protein and carbohydrates more than with any other type of yogurt. Insert a greek yogurt into the fruit or vegetable salad is very good to restore the energy that is wasted after activity. In addition, greek yogurt is also enriched with a row of nutrients that have been proven effective against muscle pain.
2. Sandwich)
After the exhausted, the consumption of wheat sandwich setangkup to increase the stamina of the body. So the more healthy, combine wheat bread with chicken breast, tuna, spinach and tomatoes. Not only delicious and rich, spinach that is in sandwinch can also help to relieve inflammation caused by virus and bacteria.
3. Chocolate milk to drink chocolate milk après is also known to improve the body’s energy. Enriched with carbohydrates and high in protein, drink this one can help accelerate the process of stretching muscles that are tense.
Not only that, the content of the water in milk chocolate also can prevent dehydration by way of replacing fluids lost when activity, provides calcium intake, and makes the body more healthy and fit.
4. Fruits
Fruit is packed with a host of nutrients such as carbohydrates and fibers that can meet daily nutrition body. In addition, fruits such as apples, pears, papaya and blueberries can help launch the digestive system and optimizes the absorption of nutrients, so it will speed up the recovery of strained muscle while working.
5. wheat Cerea
After heavy activity consume food that is high in protein, fiber and low in sugar. Wheat, cereal and of course being the perfect meal to replenish energy and relaxing muscles are tense.
So pleased is increasingly felt, combine wheat cereal with low-fat milk or yogurt, nuts and fruits are rich in fiber such as banana, strawberry or mango.
6 eggs) is known to have abundant protein content, consuming eggs can help rejuvenate the body. With its neutral and easy to by Kreasikan, you can cultivate the egg into a scrumptious dishes to taste. Combine eggs with avocado, vegetable and fruits such as oranges, bright-colored strawberries or bananas for added nutrients and the necessary nutrients the body.
7. Almond Almond and citrus can help meet protein and healthy fats the body needs after the activity. Not only that, this one is also high in fiber so that it will be curb appetite and digestive system.
Oranges also contain vitamin C and minerals are quite high, which when consumed with almonds, will increase the body’s immunity and also maximize the absorption of nutrients.

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