7 types of organic food Consumption for you

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Hi peeps, Healthy in the previous article we discussed the benefits of consuming organic. This time we would share 7 types of non organic food ingredients we could replace became organic. In addition to healthier, there are also tables that utilises organic foods to the diet. Curious? Lets check it out!
1. Vegetables
Vegetables are plants that are highly susceptible to the disease because of the good weather, pests or soil conditions. The use of pesticides has become a common thing to anticipate this problem. But, the content of chemical substances in pesticides is dangerous to the body. Therefore, it is really important for you to change to organic vegetables that are chemical free.
2. Meat
Organic meat is meat that comes from organic dairy farmers. The animals kept by breeders in ways that are natural not to use antibiotics or other chemicals. Organic animals is also free from genetic engineering are often carried out by non-organic dairy farmers to have seeds for farm animals.
3. Salt
The quality of the salt water of the sea conditions dependent and the place where salt is produced. The better the quality of sea water or embankment, then the better the mineral content also found on the salt. The mineral content of many in organic salts can maintain the stability of the blood pressure and sugar levels. In addition, organic salt also contains no chemical substances such as aluminum. From a journal it is said that the excess consumption of aluminum can cause alzheimer’s disease
4. Rice
In addition to having a better sense of quality, in addition to organic rice contain arsenic is lower compared with plain rice. The content of arsenic in rice non organic one cause is due to the use of pesticides. Some types of pesticides generally use chemicals that is arsenic. Arsenic alone is indeed known as the toxic chemicals that are very dangerous if consumed beyond measure.
5. Coffee
Organic coffee contains many nutrients because the process of natural plantings so, consuming organic coffee can increase the body’s metabolism and help fight the toxins in the body. Organic coffee can also help to diet as it can stimulate a sense of
a satisfyingly fast enough so that prevent you from assorted snack/snack that is not healthy.
6. Fruit
Organic fruit grown and treated specifically. Ranging from environment, selection of plant fertilizers, and pest control all done senatural possible. So the vitamin or mineral in the fruit stay awake. In a study of fruit strawberries or tomatoes contain antioxidants and vitamin C are higher than strawberries or tomatoes of non organic.
7. Milk
Milk and dairy processed foods such as cheese and yogurt, organic is organic beef that comes from that use only natural feed and never got the extra hormones nor antibiotics chemical nature.
Well, that’s exactly the kinds of organic food consumption you should start from now on. Start paying attention to any foodstuffs can be the start to a healthy life Yes.

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