7 Typical Foods of East Java, Jogja No Tara!

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In island 47,922 square kilometers, East Java has not only an interesting natural attractions, but also good food that you try. The food is typical of East Java that is known by using the shrimp paste and paste as the giver of the flavor on the dishes.
East Javanese food also tend to have a nutty taste. Of the many East Javanese cuisine, this is the typical Culinary 7 East Java frequently you find unpalatable.
1. Pecel

The main ingredient of this dish is some kind of vegetable stew i.e. water spinach, long beans, cabbage, cucumber slices, and bean sprouts. All the ingredients are mixed with the peanut sauce, the favours enjoyed by rempeyek.
There are several cities that have a delicious nasi pecel with his trademark respectively as Madiun, Kediri, Blitar and. Usually you’d rather eat nasi pecel at breakfast or dinner, ya?
2. Rawon

The characteristic of this cuisine is the concentrated black broth obtained from the use of kluwek. Some of the herbs used are the shallots, garlic, galangal, cilantro, Lemongrass, turmeric, lombok, kluwek, salt, etc.
In addition to well-known in Surabaya, Pasuruan rawon pun is just as yummy with sate komoh as a complement.
3. Rujak Cingur

One of the typical culinary of Surabaya is indeed steady for the lunch menu. Rujak Cingur name it is using one of the main ingredients in rujaknya i.e. slices of meat mouth (cingur) cows.
Rujak cingur typically consists of several types of fruit such as sliced cucumber, Yam bean, pineapple, mixed with lontong or rice, tofu, tempeh
, cingur, vegetables smothered in sauce, and last of the processed shrimp and seasoning paste etc.
4. Rujak Soto

Whether you just found out about this rujak soto typical Banyuwangi? Food is indeed combine two types of food i.e. yellow with rujak soto. Unmixed, both these foods have very tasty and tempting, if merged it felt definitely makin compel. Do you ever try rujak soto?
5. Soto

Soto is indeed popular foods typical of Indonesia are spread throughout the area. Become a differentiator soto East Java with other areas is soto Lamongan by koya, and soto dok Jombang with the broth not too much thick and clear.
Seasoning sauce this is the key, until the soup tasted delicious and more complete than other soto. This is because the gravy is made from herbs which consists of coriander, cumin, emiya Shiro, shallots, garlic, galangal, ginger, pepper, salt and nutmeg, with a complement of fried onions.
6. Know Mix

This meal consists of lettuce, bean sprouts, rice cake, yellow noodles, fried tofu, and lentho pieces of cassava that blends into the gravy savory beef tetelan broth.
Typical Lamongan, Magelang, and Surabaya, this may at first glance similar to ketupat know that popular in Central Java.
7. Pecel Lele

Notable in the area of Lamongan, food is indeed fit the typical spicy culinary describes East Java. At first glance does look okay, but his food is located in the traditional. You don’t need to worry if you do not like the catfish, in every warung pecel lele are definitely selling a wide array of other common

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