Benefits Of Vegetables For The Health Of Our Bodies,

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bad cholesterol, and lowering high blood pressure.

A great many kinds of vegetables which we can choose to consume, either to be cooked, eaten as lalab, or made into juice. Made just like anything else, we still can feel the benefits of vegetables for our health.

Get to know several different types of Vegetables and its benefits
Here are some of the types and benefits of vegetables for our bodies:

Lettuce is highly effective for weight loss because it contains iron and magnesium which serve uretik’s work. In addition, lettuce is also good for those suffering from coughs and insomnia, cleansing the blood and remove excess fat in the body.

Spinach and Kale
Both these vegetables contain lots of vitamin A, vitamin C, minerals, iron, calcium, and potassium. The benefits of these vegetables for the body is to eliminate the various diseases of the body, such as asthma, colic, anemia, bronchitis pneumonia, konstipa I, osteoporosis, fatigue, as well as a lack of calcium.

Celery contain sodium, which functions as a solvent to release the deposit of calcium in the kidneys and joints is concerned. Calcium in the kidneys themselves can cause disorders of kidney function. Celery is also beneficial for sufferers of skin allergy, eczema, psoriasis, it’s hard to concentrate, hyperactivity, and relieve stress.

Oyster Mushrooms
Oyster mushroom is beneficial for preventing hypertension, heart disease, reduce weight, cure anemia, diabetes, and cancer. Other types of fungus, such as ear mushroom, volvariella volvacea, and shitake mushrooms champignon mushrooms, and also has many benefits for your health.

The carrot is not only good for eye health because it has vitamin A and betakaroten is high. There are many more benefits of the bright orange-colored vegetables, among other things: treat eczema, treating intestinal worms (pinworms), fevers, Burns, pain when menstruation, smooth skin, and to cope with hypertension.

Mustard Green
Mustard greens are beneficial to prevent cancer, heart disease, hypertension, and anemia.
String beans
The beans are beneficial to treat diabetes. In the beans contained a substance B-sitosterol and stigmasterol are able to stimulate the pancreas to increase insulin production in the body.

Research conducted by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society showed that broccoli is beneficial for treating alzheimer’s and improve the working of the brain
Pare vegetables which have a bitter taste is beneficial as the anthelmintic, cough medicine, canker sores, wounds, antimalarial, and appetite enhancer. Various studies conducted in countries such as Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom found that pare contain saponins, polyphenols (antioxidants), glycosides, flavonoids, cucurbitacin charantin, and useful for treating momordicin diabetes. In addition, the protein content as well as alpha and beta momorcharin protein MAP30 (Momordica Antiviral Protein 30) found in pare are also useful as antiviral HIV

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