Caution, 7 healthy food This is dangerous for your body!

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Healthy food is indeed better than you the origin of a content of its nutrition value is not clear. However, there is no guarantee of eating healthy food that will always be good to your body.
You should still pay attention to that portion of his nutritional and it suits the needs of your body. In addition, you also have to be more careful in choosing healthier products Certainly don’t overdo it.
Already know yet, just a few drinks and foods that are considered healthy thus dangerous to our bodies. Well, about anything ya?
1. almond milk
Most people drink almond milk because of lactose intolerant (lactose intolerant). This milk contains a lot of vitamins and good fats that nourish the heart.
As long as no added sugar and other chemical compounds, almond milk good for controlling blood sugar levels. Because of the low content of karbohidratnya. You also need to be observant in selecting products.
Some almond milk factory often added addictive substances, such as artificial sweeteners and stabilizers. Not to mention the added component so that the flavor and texture of a thickener better. Well, this leads to bad health and our digestive, lho.
2. Sushi

Well, who the hell is that not insistence on the delights of sushi? Sushi known healthy food because it is rich in the Omega-3 content with minimal calories. Behind the delicious, sushi haphazardly can be bad. Especially against the heart and digestive tract.
Consuming raw fish resulting in entry of the nematodes (worms) enters into the body. This worm affects the gastrointestinal tract. They can get into the stomach, esophagus, or intestine
Tuna or salmon themselves contain mercury which is the pollutants toxic to the nervous system. Worst impacts of mercury i.e. can increase the risk of heart disease.
3. Granola

Granola is one of healthy food that is often chosen for the diet menu. However, when processed into granola cereal, then the content of its nutrition value will be lost, including the fibers.
Most of the granola on the market contain corn syrup or sugar. It’s good you be careful with it. It could be time consuming granola, you will accumulate sugars and calories are empty due to high index.
Make granola yourself at home with the wheat gluten is becoming a much better option, than you should buy and of consumption instantly. You can sweeten his with honey or pure maple syrup.
4. Frozen Yogurt

Healthy food is also bad if you offer him wrong. With record-breaking profits, don’t be too redundant, Yes. It could have an impact on the weight of thy body.
Usually the recommended three servings a day. This is to support the development of good bacteria in the gut so stay balanced.
Two or three large packing yogurt per day, could add about 100 calories and 500 grams of sugar. Yogurt can also be unhealthy if mixed with fruit flavorings and sugar other addition.
5. Vegetable in a can
All foods containing preservatives do indeed tend to be dangerous. No exception to the regular vegetables healthy body. According to a study from the Harvard School of Public Health, food cans contain Bisphenol A that is used to prevent rust on the can, as well as keeping food remains durable.
In the long run, the content that would be at risk of developing diabetes, heart attacks, impotence, etc. As much as possible to avoid the purchase of fruit or vegetable cans Yes.
6. Vegetable oil

Cooked food using vegetable oils like corn oil, will eliminate the substance of omega-6 to omega-3 from food. The release of high concentrations of the chemical substance known as aldehydes. It can cause illnesses including cancer, heart disease, and dementia.
Martin Grootveld, a Professor of chemistry and chemical pathology, bioanalitik said that his research shows food fried in vegetable oil, contain as much as 100 to 200 times the pillars of toxic. It is based on the specified safe limits daily World Health Organization.
7. Margarine or butter

At a glance look similar, actually both are different, especially on the color and scent. Butter coloured paler and more fragrant aroma.
According to the research team from Harvard University, United States, margarine and butter is a source of fat. However, butter is considered better because it contains a natural fat that is important for bone strength. Whereas, the margarine contains fatty acids that may increase the risk of inflammation and increases the risk of heart attacks.
Well, from now on you need to be more cautious, Yes. Don’t be too consuming food’s “healthy “, but would instead result in bad. Make sure portions are indeed fit and suit your body needs

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