Chicken Sambal Recipe Pop

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Chicken Sambal Recipe Pop
In addition to the savory delicacy and its flesh, usually adding to the flavor of the moment enjoy the sepering field specialties are traditional. Spicy tomato and chilli stew does indeed favor once combined with savory chicken recipe pop field. More delicious when mixed with MLA so romanya more evocative taste.
Sauce Ingredients:

• medium-size red tomatoes large approximately as much as 1 pcs.
• raiwt red chilies are more or less as much as 14 to 16 pcs or to taste.
• Big Red chilies to taste more or less as much as 9 to 11 pcs.
• large size medium red onion more or less as much as 5 cloves.
• garlic medium-size large approx 2 pcs.
• medium-size lemon water is taken more or less 1/2 pieces.
• White granulated sugar to taste as needed.
• iodized salt to taste to taste.
• clean water and oil to fry their chickens a few scars.
• Holistic some seed if liked.
How To Make Chicken Sambalado
1. Dry out first take a pan with water to taste then simmer the tomatoes, onion, garlic, red pepper and cayenne pepper.
2. Puree the boiled ingredients pounded and last until smooth.
3. prepare the skillet with a little oil, sauté chicken then fried former fine materials above.
4. Enter the iodized salt and sugar then stir stir it back and FRY until fragrant and lift.
5. put in containers and give lemon juice then stir again until blended.
Of the several variations of typical Padang Pop chicken recipe above, where yhang about will be tested in practise at home first? If they don’t have the time, chicken seasoning simple pop might be tried first. Don’t forget to complement his sambalado also made delicious coupled with fresh vegetables and vegetables boiled cassava leaves him. Need some ideas for other family specials,

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