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Many of the assumptions that circulated in the community that the best foods to maintain heart health is a vegetable food ingredients (Plant-Based Foods). This is not wrong because many several studies confirmed that material plant foods can reduce the risk of heart disease to someone.

The question is, do all kinds of vegetable food ingredients (Plant-Based Foods) is always good for the heart? If so, should stop the consumption of foodstuffs of animal (Animal-Based Foods) from the food menu to make heart healthier? Yuk, learn the facts to make your heart really healthy!
Plant-Based Foods Are Always Good For The Heart?
As already explained above, vegetable food ingredients (Plant-Based Foods) is very closely related to the health of your heart. Some types of plant foods, such as whole grains, fruit, legume, healthy oils, and nuts are categorized as food ingredients that are healthy for the heart. No doubt, some types of diets that focus on heart health include some types of food as one of the main menu.

That way, you’ll need to hurry not think that all types of plant-based food ingredients (Plant-Based Foods) it is good for the heart. For example, a plate of white rice or a few pieces of white bread. Both types of food derived from plants, but in the process takes a long time (highly-processed).

This makes his nutritional decreases and increases the Glycemic Index (GI) foods. This could have an impact on the eating habits of excess (overeating), the rise in blood sugar levels, and increased cholesterol level in the body which sooner or later have an impact on heart health.

Another example is the fruits. Many people mistakenly thinking that drinking fruit juice equals one eating the fruit intact. In fact, fruit juice can contain more sugar, but has a content of vitamins and minerals which are already much reduced.

Moreover, if you drink or eat canned fruit or fruit juices sold lots on the market, you no longer get the full nutrients because these products already contain preservatives, flavorings, dyes, or sugar is very high.
Should Stop Consume Animal Foods (Animal-Based Foods)?
When the vegetable food ingredients (Plant-Based Foods) touted can lower risk of heart disease, many people began switching to plant-based foods and leave type of animal foods, such as eggs, meat, or fish. In fact, consume animal foods will not have an impact to the heart if you understand what ingredients you choose.

On July 25, 2017, the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, written by Dr. Satija provide test reports of diet habits 209,000 adults (43,000 of whom are male) for more than 2 decades (20 years). This study compares the 3 categories, namely: diet • Diet of vegetable Foodstuffs Overall (Overall Plant-Based Diet) which places emphasis on the consumption of all the ingredients of a healthy plant foods which reduce consume animal foods such as milk, eggs, fish, and meat.
• Diet Healthy Vegetable Foodstuffs (Healthful Plant-Based Diet) that focuses only on vegetable healthy food ingredients, such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, legume, and healthy and reduce oil consumption vegetable foodstuffs not healthy and animal foodstuffs.
• Diet Unhealthy Vegetable Food Materials (Unhealthful Plant-Based Diet) that focused on the unhealthy vegetable food ingredients, such as fruit juices, refined grains (pasta, rice, breads, and cereals), potatoes (French fries and potato chips) and sweet drinks, but reducing your intake of healthy vegetable foodstuffs and animal foodstuffs.
The results of this study mentions that people who underwent a second type of diet have a healthier heart. In contrast, people who are accustomed to living a third type of diet trends are more vulnerable to the dangers of heart disease.

With the results of this study, it can be concluded that reducing intake of animal foodstuffs does not guarantee that a diet that you do it healthy and lower your risk of heart disease. Health and heart-healthy benefits can be felt if you understand in the choose the type of food and a value of asupannya per day.

This fact strengthened by reports the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition finds that eating 3 ounces of red meat (unprocessed red meat) does not aggravate blood pressure or increase the amount of cholesterol.
Healthy Menu Vegetable Food Ingredients (Plant-Based Foods)
To protect the heart to stay healthy, you need to specify a menu of healthy vegetable food ingredients (Plant-Based Foods). Healthy menu dish vegetable food materials the right basically contains some elements such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, protein, water, and healthy oils.

Note the following menu visualization based on the nutrition expert from Harvard School of Public Health and editor of the Harvard Health Publishing:
From the visualization, you can begin creating your healthy menu with some foodstuffs:

• vegetables or vegetable foodstuffs being the main focus. You also need to pay attention to the type and range of vegetables that you eat. The more variety, the better. Avoid canned vegetable foodstuffs, vegetable juices which are sold on the market, fried potatoes, or potato chips.
• Multiply eat fruits whole and fresh that contain lots of vitamins and minerals. Avoid fruit juices or fruits canned in canned.
• Meet Your energy needs with whole grains like whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, or (Whole wheat bread), whole wheat pasta (whole wheat pasta), or brown rice. Limit consumption of refined grain such as brown rice or white bread.
• Complete your health with a variety of healthy proteins derived from fish, food that derived from poultry, nuts, and seeds-biijian. Limit consumption of red meat (red meat) and the cheese and avoid various kinds of processed meat.
• Variety of healthy oils such as olive oil (olive oil) or canola oil (canola oil) are also compulsory inclusion in your daily menu. Limit the use of butter and margarine, as well as avoid trans fats.
• to fullfill Your bodily fluids, drink water always white. If you want a drink that has a taste, You can drink tea or coffee made with little or no sugar. Limit the consumption of milk (1-2 servings a day) and juices (1 glass a day), as well as avoid sugary drinks with high sugar levels.
In General, the health of the heart indeed depends on the type of food that you consume. The more you eat the kind of food that is friendly toward the heart, the lower your risk is affected by heart disease. Vegetable food ingredients (Plant-Based Foods) is indeed known as heart-friendly food. Rich in various vitamins and minerals, making vegetable foodstuffs is a food ingredient that can help the performance of the heart and making it work more optimally.

For that, you don’t need a full vegetarian or vegan to feel the heart-healthy benefits. The selection of a good vegetable food ingredients as well as understanding of the portions is a major factor of heart record-breaking profits for you. If you are still difficult to instantly switch to the type of plant foods in total, you can start slowly by reducing intake of animal foods that you consume each day.

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