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Heart disease was the scourge of for anyone to hear it. Same is the case with a stroke, a heart attack is the deadliest disease in the world. In Indonesia have similar conditions. Based on basic health Research Indonesia in 2013, sick heart and stroke also became the highest killer in our country.

Therefore, it is important to maintain the health of the heart. Moreover, for those of you who have the bustle and pressures of life.
As for the steps to make the heart stay healthy is undergoing a good life pattern. Routine workouts into one of the activities that must be made. In addition, limiting the food injurious to health must also be done.
However, there are other steps you can take to maintain heart health. You can eat healthy food for the heart. Its quite diverse, tastes delicious, and very beneficial for heart health.
Want to try it? Check out some healthy foods for the heart that you can consume.
Most people have the stigma that it’s certainly healthy food tastes bland. Actually, not necessarily. Just look at the wide variety of dishes from an enticing salmon and has a delicious taste. However, salmon have other uses, namely for heart health.
Salmon is one of healthy food for the heart because salmon have Omega 3 fatty acid content which is great in it. According to the nutrition expert from the University of Vermont, Rachel Johnson, Omega 3 has the ability to maintain blood flow to be smooth so that heart health is maintained.
In addition, Omega 3 in salmon are also capable of lowering levels of triglycerides in the body. That is one fat that triggers the presence of heart disease.
Omega 3 fatty acids turned out to be influential on heart health. To get it, you can also eat walnut. This is the type of the healthiest nuts to be consumed.
Walnuts contain “other versions” of Omega 3 derived from plants. In addition, in it also there are linoleic acid and arakidonat that can help lower bad cholesterol levels, Low-density Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels, and raise high-density lipoprotein (HDL).
Research conducted by the original researchers University of Scranton Chemistry in the United States, Dr. Joe Vinston, found that walnut nuts contain antioxidants. This helps prevent the occurrence of plaques on the walls of the blood vessels so that blood flow smoothly. As it happens, health heart will awake.
Dark Chocolate
Brown is one of the most popular snacks. The cause is delicious that makes people a lot of love. You can only mengonsumsinya, but it is recommended to choose dark chocolate which proved to be a healthy food for the heart.
To distinguish the dark chocolate with others is a composition. In dark chocolate, the cocoa content of at least reaching 70 percent. The content of sugar is only the remainder, so healthy.
Furthermore there is a flavanol compounds nourish the heart because it is useful for lowering blood pressure at the same time prevent the clotting of blood. Other capabilities also plays an important role as antioxidants for heart health. It makes bad cholesterol not settles in the blood vessels so that blood circulation launch.
The avocado fruit is referred to as the guards deserved heart health. The secret is the presence of oleic acid content in it. These compounds have important roles in maintaining the heart stay healthy.
Oleic acid is one of the “good” fat needed by the body. His presence will suppress the amount of fat “evil”, known as Low-density Lipoprotein (LDL). As a result health heart awake if of consumption with the routine.
Avocados can be eaten directly. However much that made him drink juice. Whatever it is, its origin is consumed while still fresh, avocados will be useful as a healthy food for the heart.
Another healthy food for the heart that comes from seeds. It is oatmeal. With a unique, oatmeal is able to maintain heart health because of the presence of fiber called beta-glucan in it.
Beta-glucan has ability similar to Omega 3. This compound is capable of lowering levels of bad cholesterol known as LDL. In contrast, the number of good HDL, kolestrol, can be maintained well for his role as antioxidants that fight free radicals.
After getting some healthy food recommendations to heart, you are advised to immediately mengonsumsinya. Be sure also to keep melakoni healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and limit the harmful food.
However, in addition to maintaining good health, it’s good to yourself and family to ensure the protection of the health of the maximum. How that can be done is to get insurance coverage.

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