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Zamzam water comes to the surface of the Earth since the days of the Prophet Ibrahim. Precisely kala Prophet Ibrahim put Siti Hajar and Prophet Ishmael in the desert is dry kerontang.

At that time the Prophet Ibrahim was an infant stomping and munculah zamzam water. Until recently, inviting decak miracle amazed, zamzam (water) is never depleted despite its location in the middle of the desert surrounded by hot weather and rarely cloudy.

Zamzam water Centre is located inside the Grand Mosque, parallel to the door of the Kaaba. Formerly the location of zamzam (water) can be accessed through the hallway underneath the Haram. Worshipers freely take water through the well drawn with a Dipper. However, zamzam (water) sold on the roadside and keamannya is not guaranteed when it is consumed.

As time goes by the King of Saudi Arabia Abdullah zamzam water in order to direct the stay awake with the creation of the center of packaging from zamzam water in 2010. That way, the quality of the water of zamzam before consumed more secure because it is always monitored by a health laboratory and geology, as well as the Council takmir Haram.
He explained, water from zamzam well is located inside the Grand Mosque. In the past many pilgrims who come and sell water from zamzam with hygiene that can not be accounted for.

But now the well closed so that the quality of the quality is maintained. Before the well of zamzam is closed, he said, there is one of the researchers assigned entry into wells.

According to his testimony, until recently Springs point zamzam did not appear. Water is known to be out of the side of the well of zamzam. Although water from zamzam is absorbed in an amount very much, just in a matter of less than 15 minutes, then the well zamzam would be filled. Whereas each day hundreds of thousands of cubic feet of water from zamzam is absorbed from the well for distributed 24 hours in the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s mosque in Medina.
“It’s like the goat sacrifice, why in the world are never out of stock?” he said, in place of packaging from zamzam water, Kudai, District of the city of Makkah, Tuesday (26/9/2017).

Just a note, Japan scientists Dr. Masaro Imoto ever do research using the technique of nano. She said, zamzam water has some keistiwamaan unmatched by plain water.

Dr. Masaro briefly concludes, zamzam (water) is water that endowed none none type of Crystal grain that resembles water from zamzam water. The entire laboratory there are not able to change various characteristics.

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