Get To Know The Characteristics Of The Cuisine Of The Archipelago

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Culinary delights of the land Archipelago no doubt. A variety of herbs and spices used in it produce the flavors, aromas, colors, and textures that are strong on the cuisine. This is what makes the culinary delicacies that famous Archipelago.

Widhi Joestiarto chef, a culinary expert says, every cuisine of Indonesia from one region with other regions has its own characteristics and distinctive features, especially in terms of seasoning.

Here are some of the characteristics and typical of the cuisine of the Chef Indonesia according to Widhi.

West Sumatra Cuisine
In areas of Sumatra, the cuisine is so popular is the cuisine of Minang or Padang cuisine that is known. The cuisine is famous for having a character bersantan which combined with red pepper and turmeric.
The taste is dominated by spicy and savory, with spices that is often used is the ginger, galangal and Kaffir lime leaves. Usually Padang cuisine cooked with the way the boiled, baked and fried with spices using red and yellow.

The Cuisines Of Jakarta
Jakarta’s cuisine is often referred to as the Betawi cuisine and evolve with the influence of a variety of cuisines that carried settlers, such as the Netherlands, Portuguese, Arabic and Chinese. Characteristics of the cuisine Were the dominant features savory and not too spicy.
Usually the spices commonly used are white and yellow seasoning with spices such as ginger, galangal, Lemongrass and greetings. Cooking method commonly used is boiled and fried.

Cuisine Of West Java
The usual cuisine known as Sundanese is famous for always come with fresh vegetables when eating it. Sundanese often use basic white and yellow seasoning with the spices used such as lemongrass, galangal greetings and.
In Sundanese also often found a way of cooking dikepul, baked and fried with spices and wrapped in banana leaves to make it more delicious and fragrant.

Central Javanese Cuisine
Regional cuisine is influenced by two kingdoms, namely Yogyakarta and Surakarta. Characteristics of food is less spicy and sweet.
Javanese cuisine often uses white and Red seasoning spices, and Spice used is Lemongrass, galangal greetings and.

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