Get to know the four kinds of organic food

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Organic foods are foods derived from plants or animals that are not exposed by the pesticides, artificial fertilizers, or drugs (typically antibiotics). In addition, organic foods also contain no preservatives and dyes and artificial flavorings.
Because it is free from chemicals, organic food does have a number of advantages compared to a food that is not organic. The lack of a touch of chemical substances in the process of cultivation occurring make organic crops safe for health and more environmentally friendly.
The following description about the types of organic food ingredients that have been available in the market.
1. Fruit and vegetable Organic

The type of this one is the most often and easily found. Organic fruit and vegetables are grown using no pesticides and artificial fertilizers, so that it is safer for you and your family.

2. Organic meat

To get organic meat, cut the meat was taken should not get injections of antibiotics or hormones. Plus more, there are also animals only cut grass consumes food as organic.

3. Organic Dairy products

Organic milk is milk milked from animals that did not get antibiotics or hormones. While the organic dairy products are prepared using organic milk.

4. Organic Fish

Organic fish are usually kept and cultivated in special farms and only eat organic food. In contrast, fish caught on the high seas can not be labeled organic.
Without a doubt, without a touch of chemical substances, organic food is more healthy of course. And with the above guidelines, you certainly have not confused again select the ‘ right?

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