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Not just healthy, 7 Breakfast Menu can also lose weight
Breakfast is the morning activities are very important for the continuity of activities throughout the day. For those who are running the diet, breakfast is the most determining the success or failure of the diet is done. Therefore, the breakfast menu is very important to note.
Indonesia’s average person accustomed to heavy foods such as breakfast , chicken porridge or RICE. Most of us don’t pay attention to the nutrient content of the food, whether it’s been balanced with the needs of the body or not. Nor does it mean that food sold the unhealthy breakfast peddlers, but we also need to maintain balance in the body’s health in order to not over weight.
To maintain good health and a balanced body shape, it doesn’t hurt you try 7 healthy breakfast can help lose weight here.
1. Eggs.
Eggs contain protein that is great for people who are running the diet. Compared with carbohydrates and fats, nutritional whole foods which contain these proteins is more food because it contains rich amino acids. In addition to easy and many variations of processing, the price of eggs is also relatively inexpensive.
2. Smoothie bowl.
Lately a lot of milling about on instagram pictures smoothie bowl invite enough appetite. A smoothie with bright colors plus the toppings fresh fruits and nuts are not only unsightly, but also beneficial to reduce weight. The most nice fruit smoothie for breakfast is a raspberry fruit types because berri-berrian is rich in fiber and faster helps the process of weight reduction.
3. Yogurt.
Fat in yogurt contain linoleic acid which can help keep the body shape in order to stay slim. As the breakfast menu, sure the yogurt is not enjoyed, but with the addition of other ingredients such as fresh fruits and nuts.
4. Oatmeal.
Oatmeal or foodstuffs made from wheat is already believed to have been a long time for the diet program because it contains a lot of fiber. Oatmeal breakfast menu typically shaped cereals. Any way of consumption is almost the same with yogurt and smoothie bowl. Cereals oatmeal smothered with low fat milk and added chunks of fresh fruit to taste.
5. Sweet potatoes.
One of the types of tubers contain nutrients that can help burn fat in the body. Sweet potatoes are also rich in fiber that makes you get full faster and sense of fullness that will last longer. Consume sweet potato was able to restrain the appetite, so very good eaten e.g. day to maintain body balance throughout the day.
6. Broccoli.
Start the day with vegetables, either cooked or raw vegetables is the best way to ensure you get good nutrition throughout the day. Broccoli is one of those vegetables that are rich in fiber and nutrients that will make your stomach feel full SOLID hours. Not always boiled broccoli, can be processed into a smoothie so more quickly and easily consumed you should rush of activity in the morning.
7. Peanut butter.
Though in the process of making peanut butter given extra sugar and oil, but its main raw material consists of only two ingredients, namely peanuts and salt. Nuts contain monounsaturated fats are healthy. For the success of a diet, you should not consume excessive peanut butter. Simply apply two tablespoons of peanut butter whole wheat bread above

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