Healthy Diet menus for beginners

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Diet tips this time, will discuss on how healthy diet for all of you who have never completely do the diet program or rather first-time planning on doing the diet.
Usually, this happens on a schoolgirl who wants to lose weight but rather confused where to start.
In previous postings, already much discussed about healthy diet tips. However, for newbies indeed proved difficult to do. Well, this time dining nurjaman blog took the title menu of healthy diet for beginners 4 healthy 5.

This very safe diet menu do for beginners, because keeping the intake of carbohydrates, proteins and other nutrients. This, very concerned with the pattern of healthy eating to diet. Let’s see what this healthy diet menu.
1. Breakfast Menu
If familiar breakfast with rice, then replace the breakfast menu you guys with oatmeal or bread. Oatmeal is easy to find in supermarkets or stores, then add milk or yogurt.
Oatmeal breakfast enough about 2 to 3 tablespoons each morning. In addition to oatmeal, you can replace breakfast with added wheat bread with jam or fruit and nuts are banned adding butter or chocolate butters.
Typically, breakfast with 2 whole wheat bread is already making a belly full. However, when it is still less, eating 3 whole wheat bread do not more. If more than it means useless.
2. Lunch Menu
At a time when lunch time arrives, you guys are a little bit given freedom because it could eat rice.
It is recommended to eat rice red, although the texture is almost the same but red rice gives a sense of satiety more than white rice. If there is no red rice, can be replaced with white rice.
In addition, note the servings of rice. Subtract the portion of rice than usual, suggested reduced to half or more of the great when reduced more than half of it.
The diet also requires sufficient carbohydrate for the body. For they make, you can add an egg or a chicken breast and no doubt complete also with vegetables such as Kale, spinach, cabbage or other vegetables.
In addition, add tempeh or know so that the body of you get nutrition from nuts. With a menu like that, it’s obvious the lunch will be felt very full.
For a faster alternative, lunch with rice soup plus also is enough to keep the hunger pangs until dinner time arrived.
3. Dinner Menu
At a morning breakfast menu, you are prohibited from eating rice and found rice at lunch. Lastly, this dinner menu you guys banned for eating rice, bread or oatmeal.
Please you guys dinner with fruit, with notes of “fruit only ” no milk, chocolate or yogurt. You guys may eat any fruit, except avocado and durian.
Why? because, both pieces of the high-fat diet that will hinder you. For this dinner, you are advised to eat bananas, papaya, watermelon, melon or Apple.
In addition to healthy fruit can last, fifth digestives and water contains quite a lot. In addition to giving a sense of satiety, the body will stay fresh and helps reduce dehydration in the body.
That’s a healthy diet food menu for beginners starting from breakfast, lunch and dinner. It will be better again during this diet program to reduce snacking and eating snacks outside meal hours.
If the coming hunger before eating a snack or meal do not arrive in the past other, please eat fruits.
Hopefully this time the diet tips help beginners to start the diet program is the first, and of course good luck losing weight as expected.

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