Home-Cooked Diet Drink Recipes

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Home-Cooked Diet Drink Recipes
In addition to consuming healthy food diet to help, no matter the healthiest drink you can try. One of them with a variety of diet drink recipes here.

1. Diet Drink honey and cinnamon
Honey is a natural sweetener that does not contain high sugar levels so that safe consumption, in addition to the myriad benefits of honey for the body especially if consumption in the correct amount. Not only honey, cinnamon also has the benefits of a healthy diet for the program because the wood can regulate sugar levels in the blood. Well, here is the alcoholic drink diet of honey and wood.
-1 tbsp honey-original
-half segment of cinnamon
-cold water (try cold water so that nutrients are honey and cinnamon are not lost)
How to make:
-Prepare 1 cup cold water
-Then enter the 1 tbsp of honey and a half internode cinnamon
-Then mix all ingredients using a spoon so that all well blended

2. Green tea
You can also rely on green tea as diet drinks every day. Green tea has many benefits as well as eliminate bad breath, reduces cholesterol, lowering the levels of fat in the body, nourish the skin, reduces blood pressure, avoid diabetes and many more. The antioxidants in green tea can also ward off free radicals that enter into the body.
Well, for those of you that are aimed at slimming the body we recommend using WRP diet tea. Not only does this diet teas reduce the fat in the body but can also help reduce the absorption of carbohydrates from the food you eat good rice, noodles and so on. In other words, you can easily reduce weight. This diet drinks you can try at home. But if you want to use the WRP diet tea should drink before eating food.
-Green tea
-Warm water
How To Make:
-Insert the green tea to taste in the Cup
-Enter also the warm water
-Then mix all ingredients using a spoon
-Close the glass beforehand so that the tea really mature

Various prescription diet menu above you can make at home. Do not forget to note the materials will you use, wash it first to clean before cooking. A diverse menu of food and drink the diet not only helps lose weight but is also good for the health of the body. Basically if you want to be slim and healthy, apply a good diet and correct every day so you can get an ideal body weight. Good luck, may be useful.

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