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The success of the diet program diet food menu is determined by which we consume. Often we find a diet program that failed because of less healthy food consumption and unbalanced. The main factor is the choice of diet menu constituent ingredients effectively lose weight. Nutritious beverages that are also useful in giving a lot of fiber. How to make and memadu contrasted those ingredients is not difficult. Just need a little time to cook it. These menus are very suitable as a delicious diet food recipes at home. The following reviews will keep you interested to try it.


Diet Menu Diet Breakfast Recipe
Prepare a diet breakfast menu is not difficult. Even a couple of menus you can serve within 15 minutes. Well here are some menu that you can try.

1. Fried Rice Oats
If the normally rice-fried rice, this time you can replace it with oats. As we know oats or wheat is rich in nutritional value. Even oat fiber capable glut the belly for a long time. No wonder if oats are always reliable to support the diet.

Ingredients:-10 spoon Oats-1 egg-2 cloves onion, white blend
1/2 bks-pepper
-His secukup soy sauce
-2 chili fruit
How To Make:
Saute oats without water over low heat, and stir-stir until fragrant smell so the oats will be slightly crispy. After that add a little water to the oats to clot. Then start frying delicate seasoning to yellow. Input the oats and stir until evenly distributed. Don’t forget to add the sweet soy sauce and salt and flavor enhancer. In addition you can also add vegetables, pieces of sausage or eggs.
2. Steamed Egg
The next diet breakfast menu is steamed egg. If usually boiled or fried at this time you can prepare it in a way in steamed. As we know, an awful lot of important nutrients found in eggs and can provide many health benefits especially when undergoing diet program. Well, to make a steamed egg menu you can prepare some materials such as his.
-1/2 carrot chopped pieces
-2 chicken eggs
-Chili-tomato 1/2 4
-Celery to taste
-Pepper to taste
-Salt to taste
-1/2 seasoning
How to make:
Input a variety of vegetables such as carrots, leeks, celery, tomato, eggs into a bowl. Stir until evenly with all the ingredients, then input the pepper, seasoning, salt. Once all the material is already mixed with steamed dough, it’s time to mature for 10-20 minutes. Steamed egg menu is not only practical but also calorie-free so that it can help the diet program.

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