Identify 5 Cuisines and Unique History behind it

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Every region in Indonesia have a food typically respectively that stand out, from mie Aceh, Yogyakarta, to fish of warm gravy Banda Maluku. However, not many know that some cuisines also have a strange name and a unique background. Despite its name, the following foods have a taste that is no less delicious than other cuisines. Curious what are those? Yuk, see below.
1. Rice Cat
Maybe for some people the name rice cats are enough familiar. This easy cuisines found along road in Solo and Yogyakarta. Same shape and distinctive, namely sekepal rice wrapped with banana leaves, filled with a side dish of spicy fried milkfish or tempe. Portions are small and resembling a portion of cat food is the reason behind the name nasi cat. For those of you who love to eat street food, rice must try because cats are usually sold in carts are available at strategic places, such as in simple food stalls or Place a la Yogyakarta. One long seat usually provided in front of the cart, so you can chat with the seller. To sample the cuisine of Indonesia, you just have to reach into the money no more than Rp 5 thousand. Curious to taste it?

2. The pie Dollars
Typical cuisines Surabaya this doesn’t resemble coins or foreign currency-related. However, the shape is round and flat may be the reason why ancient people called it cake dollars. It’s like, there’s an assortment of savory, crunchy with a sprinkling of sesame seeds, there are savory cheese, and there was also a flavorful ginger. The dollar is also quite identical cake as cake tempo first. Business dollar cakes first appeared the year 1936 named Kuweh Dollar Tjap Masin in Surabaya. Now, you can find her shop in the main hall stage I and III Market Atum, and you can see directly the making of cakes dollars there.

3. Bread Laughing
There is a bread that can laugh? Typical bread of North Sumatra is round and there are parts on the surface that resembles a smile or laughing. Equally sprinkled with sesame seeds on it, often called the laughing bread similar to onde-onde, just that it is often hard. This archipelago cuisine is easy to find in the gift shop Pematangsiantar. There are two types of bread are laughing, namely the large size and the small size, but if a visit to the most original form of North Sumatra. The bread is still hot the convulsion it will feel softer and savory, making it suitable for enjoyed with a cup of warm tea
4. Cake One
Maybe you already often see cake one be when today raya specialties. Small white cake is one of the cuisines of West Java heritage that existed from the first. For people who still know the strong culture of Pasundan, cake making recipe one already passed down orally. Cakes made from mung bean is not just the present moment of great celebration, but also often made as souvenirs from the land of Sunda. How to membuatannya still holds fast to the traditional way of making use of sun exposure to dry cake.

5. Cake Farts
There is a rice that can fart? The origin of the appearance of that name is because this Terrain typical cuisines wrapped by leaves of fart that does have unpleasant scent smells like fart. However, when eaten you will see the color of the rice has a greenish color and smell fragrant aroma. Any rice comes with various spices and savory side dish tastes like fish pepes, fried chicken, and tofu or tempeh. Not many know that the leaves of the fart is a medicinal plant that grows wild and have benefits such as helping launch the digestive tract.

Not only is blessed with beautiful natural sights, Indonesia also abound many unique food scattered over the country. Enjoy the authentic taste of a row above any cuisines sometimes has to be done in the first place.

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