Is He a good Diet To Get Athletic Body

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To get the athletic body shape indeed should do the fitness 3-4 week all. Coupled with the right dining set the pattern.
According to the Gym Instructor Graha Sriwijaya Sport Center Palembang says to the novice who is skinny or fat-bodied should organize regular diet and fitness and should be accompanied by an instructor.
“Diet Program shall reduce the amount of intake of carbohydrates, carbohydrates should be replaced with brown rice or outmeal. Because in the brown rice is no more the levels of sugar in the diet, usually 3 times a day with a serving of many, alleviated but with 5 times the time dining with a menu that’s fitting, “he explained.
List The Child’s Diet Program Fitness Menu

1. Breakfast with 3 boiled egg white, 2 strands of wheat bread and a cup of milk-protein food

2.10 cofee break by eating a Green Apple, or a PEAR.

3. red rice rice lunch, one chicken breast steamed or baked, and one vegetable skup broccoli

4. Coffee break Hours 3 pureed green beans with low calorie sugar

5. most late dinner 6 pm don’t wear karbo expand in fiber, high protein such as fish steam burns and high milk protein.

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