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Choose foods that are healthy for the body is not easy, not to mention if the food so abstinence is one of my favorite foods. Healthy food is essential for health, not only for the person undergoing diet program. The article discusses the causes of penyakir uric acid, cholesterol, and heart, cause generally sourced from the food that we consume everyday.
What are the nutritional healthy foods?
Food sources that contain protein, carbohydrates, fat and iron are all beneficial to the body. Note for you is how to organize a food combination diet, and workout routine. The food that enters into the body will produce the rest of metabolism should be issued, how easy it is through perspiration. This is the reason why we recommended workout in order to poison the rest of the body’s metabolism promptly issued.
Why healthy food menu is important?
To maintain body fitness after a long day of activities, it takes different kinds of healthy foods in order to stay fit and healthy body. You can start by creating a healthy menu entry in the days going forward. Choose what your body needs and avoid unnecessary eaten, especially a variety of fried foods. Important parts of Your entry that aims free healthy food what you can prepare.
Healthy food is a food that meets nutritional needs and energy elements for the body. Sample menu everyday healthy meals that can be beneficial to the body is very important for us to know. Here is a sample menu of healthy meals that you can prepare it as your daily menu:
A Menu Of Healthy Foods That Contain Protein
Sample menu the most important healthy food should contain protein, it is very important to help the body in the mejaga energy in daily activities.
Types Of Vegetables
• the red and the black, garbanzo, pinto
• Cooked Beans
• peas
• Edamame
• soy
• almonds
Fish and seafood
• omega 3-rich fish such as tuna, mackerel, sardines and salmon.
• crab, lobster, shrimp, clams and oysters.
Poultry without skin
• chicken meat
• the meat of turkeys
• Buffalo, camel, rabbit, deer
• Geese, birds
How To Calculate Carbs Food Above?
Counting tips karbohidarat food above is to combine meat with vegetables beans or soy. The meat does not contain carbohydrates that are feared may increase blood sugar so that the meat can be combined with vegetable beans. Measure 15 grams of carbohydrates and ½ bowl of beans is enough be your healthy menu.
In your plate ¼ of his high-protein food is the food, you can enter a 4 ounce chicken breast and vegetables is ½. All the above foods are healthy enough for your consumption, during a note the content of each food.
Healthy High-Fiber Food Menu
Vegetables containing very nice flour to complement the needs of fibre, vitamins and minerals. These types of foods are good for your body but without the extra fat
1. Carrots
2. Plantain
3. potatoes
4. pumpkin
5. seeds of the fruit of the oak
6. peanut butter
7. green peas
8. corn
Tips count the number of karbohidratnya
Vegetables containing starch such as potatoes and carrots is one food source that produces a high carbohydrate source for the body. To serving You can combine oats and potatoes or carrots ½ Bowl as much as the total karbohidratnya of 15 grams.
You can present in the dish, ¼ potatoes or pumpkin and don’t combine it with high fatty foods.
Healthy food menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner
To enjoy your morning breakfast, no need to consume heavy foods such as rice. You can do a combination of snacks such as follows:
Breakfast Menu
1. Oatmeal; Oatmeal is very good is consumed as breakfast, usually in Cook outmeal can be mixed with peas and corn grains in Your oatmeal soup.
2. Cheese; This cheese you can make your own at home with ingredients that are easily obtained and healthier. Breadcrumbs and ricotta is very easy to make at home.
3. Pancakes; Breakfast pancakes with caramel sauce low sugar can so your healthy breakfast menu at home.
4. Bread. The bread is also one of the menu list of healthy foods a day day match consumed in the morning for breakfast.
1. The milk. It is important to make it as energy.
Tips: the consumption of foods high in protein and carbohydrates in the morning to the fresh activity.
Lunch Menu
For lunch, the consumption of healthy food menu you can select the following:
1. Soup; the soup is great for restoring the energy your body after a long day of activities. The soup can be enjoyed is a combination of some vegetables and pasta.
2. Red Rice: excellent red rice is consumed during the day, other than because of the sugar content less than white rice, red rice will not leave you feeling stuffed and sleepy.
Tips: the consumption of foods high in fiber and carbohydrates to restore energy and lower calories in order not sleepy.

The Dinner Menu
For consumption at night can select menu as follows:
1. wheat Cereal; excellent grain consumed at night, because there is no content of sugar that can increase your blood sugar levels while resting.
2. Milk wheat; If it didn’t get to mobilize food cereals wheat, you can choose the easy way with drinking milk wheat. The content of its nutrition value is also the same with the cereal grain.
Tips: avoid food with high calories well.
Healthy menu with consumption of fruits
By eating fruits and vegetables every day can reduce your risk of cancer, cardiovascular and allergies. Eat organic vegetables can keep the diet because their subjects are more balanced and contains a lot of minerals.
Healthy Fruit Consumption Tips
• Presentation of the good fruit and vegetables must be washed clean of chemical substances.
• avoid consuming too many foods that are high in acid contains such as pineapple, sweet potato, and vegetable coleslaw.
• avoid fruit imports (mostly preserved)
• avoid fruit that most likely was injected with a chemical (coloring and sweeteners)
Healthy by regulating levels of dietary fat
Fat is generally contained in the protein source, adjust servings means regulating levels of fat found in the protein source.
An Example Of The Strategy Of Reducing Nutritional Evil Food
1. For example, fish contains fat in the head section, such as snapper and salmon.
2. Body part beef or chicken that most low fat levels are present in parts of the sirloin and tenderloin of fat while the many gathered in the spleen and liver.
Overall good fat consumed through an intermediary substance neutralizer/stabilisation. For example nuts mixed with green vegetables, fried-fish baked avocado fruit or not given extra water.
Healthy food menu can be enjoyed in two ways and recorded i.e. set the portion of food intake and limit the types of nutrients.

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