List of healthy foods for pregnant women

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You certainly often heard when mandatory meal portions while pregnant plus because you’re eating for 2 people. In fact, it is not true. Rather than eating in a large portion of which result in stomach begah due to satiety, it is better to meet nutritional needs during contains with the following foods consumed:
• vegetable and fruit
Vegetable and fruit is a kind of food first that mandatory entry lists daily menu of a prospective mother. Not only does contain fiber which is good for digestion, both food sources are also very rich in minerals, vitamins, and folic acid which is great for helping the development of the fetus in the womb.
• meat, fish and eggs
When entering the second and third trimester, pregnant women are strongly encouraged to increase the intake of proteins can be obtained from meat, fish, and eggs. Eggs are a source of food rich in astringent kolin is excellent for helping to reduce the risk of neural tube defects in infants
The fish is highly recommended to be consumed when contains is the salmon because it contains omega 3 fatty acids that are good for the development of the body of the fetus and improve mood. However, you need to limit consumption of fish type This is because fiber mercury exposure issues.

• nuts
When conceived, some women generally experience digestive problems such as hemorrhoids or constipation (difficulty CHAPTER). For that, you advised a lot of eating nuts. In addition to the fiber is good for the digestion, food is also enriched with calcium, folate, iron, and zinc.
• Red Rice or Wheat
Don’t forget to complement your intake of carbohydrates that enter the body with wheat. Wheat is a source of dietary fiber, vitamin E, and selenium which is great for helping the development of the fetus in the abdomen. If do not like whole wheat, you can replace it with red rice.
• White water
Pregnant women is strongly recommended for many-many drank plain water. In addition to preventing babies born prematurely, the white water is also very useful to prevent the arrival of constipation (difficulty CHAPTER) or a urinary tract infection.
However, if the mother is not so fond of the white water because it tastes (some people don’t like white water), replace it with a consuming fruits containing a lot of water like watermelon, melon, Orange, and so forth.
• Bio Strath
For complete nutritional needs during pregnancy, the mother can also consume Bio Strath is useful to maintain the levels of hemoglobin during pregnancy. Bio Strath contains 61 vital nutrients that your body needs every day, it is available in liquid and tablet form. Supplements which originate from the country of Switzerland has also been exported to more than 80 other States. Produced since the year 1961, Bio Strath itself already many once believed its use by the public at large.
Well, it’s her 6 kinds of healthy foods for pregnant women that must be inserted into the menu list contains period lasts. Congratulations look forward to welcoming the fruit of careful, Yes!

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