Lose weight to Prevent Cancer, 7 health benefits of Melon

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Are you a fruit MELON connoisseur?

Yes, sweet with abundant water, melon has always been one of the kind preferred by many people. With a crunchy texture, not rare melon is often processed into some delicious dishes menu and refreshing, from sop fruit, fruit juice, and shorbet.

Not only are fresh, pale green colored fruit also has a series of very important vitamin for the health of the body. Hence, the health benefits what owned melon? Following his review:

  1. Improve eyesight Melons contain vitamins A and C are quite high, both of which are useful to help strengthen the retina so that the fruits of this one will improve the function of vision. Not only that, melon, also known high potassium which helps to control blood pressure and prevent the risk of hypertension.
  2. Lose weight the melons will be minimal fat content and calories yet rich in fiber, so it’s good to be consumed by a person who is undergoing the process of weight loss. The fiber content is very effective for making the stomach feel full longer and also minimize the hunger
  3. Prevent heart disease)

Melon is also enriched with potassium that can help reduce heart-related problems such as stroke and heart failure. In addition, this sweet fruit also has the nature of anticoagulants and adenosine can help prevent blood clotting, and thins

  1. Control blood sugar levels reported by consuming a melon on a regular basis apparently is also very good for preventing diabetes. Yes, known as one of the kinds of fruit that can control blood sugar levels effectively, melon is good medicine for diabetics. Melon is also enriched with vitamin C, so it is useful to improve the immune stimulating productivity by way of white blood cell that helps fight infections in the body.
  2. Lower Cholesterol cholesterol levels that are too high can trigger various types of chronic diseases, such as stroke and heart. And melon, consume regularly can reduce cholesterol levels who settles in the body. Contains moisture and fiber that is high enough, the melon will maximize the digestive system and also throw away the fat and cholesterol along with feces and urine.
  3. To minimize the risk of cancer)

Cantaloupe contains vitamin C to ward off free radicals, prevent damage to body cells, prevents dehydration, and increases energy. In addition, the melon is also fortified with beta carotene that is very powerful to help minimize the risk of cancer.

  1. Prevent defects in the baby Melons also contains folic acid which is high enough so that the good is consumed by pregnant women. Folic acid is one of the substances needed to help prevent the defects in the baby. Not only that, this pale green colored fruit also contains a very potent anticoagulants to cope with menstrual cramps.


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