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Recipes Chicken Katsu Crunchy and tasty, along with Tips on how to cook it. Often older children or even our own bored with cooking recipes that is it it’s it. If we make this thing may not be a problem and even grateful as this helped our diet program that usually fail to hold if there are dishes that we like. But to create a child in its infancy is sure this will result in a lack of nutritional intake for them instead. Create address the boredom, today we are going to cook chicken menu specials from the country named Japan Chicken Katsu ala Hokben that tastes good, delicious and crunchy. Make a friend whose hobby is eating outside and happen to like the restaurant Japan may already be familiar with the chicken katsu is not. Moreover, in one of the popular Japan resturan Hoka Hoka Bento variations of fried chicken dishes are usually served with a sauce recipe chicken katsu became one of their signature menu. Today we will learn how to make fried chicken katsu crunchy and taste good with ingredients that are easy to come by at home.

In addition to the sauce served with chicken katsu that is usually made from base material mayonise, usually we can also eat and make the teriyaki chicken katsu with herbs that are tasty and delicious. But this time we will make this the Japan cuisine version of fried chicken katsu aja ya. In addition to the more practical and economical, the ingredients of the ingredients that it needs too much and were not easily obtainable around the House. In fact without given any mayonise sauce with chicken recipe fried katsu this can simply be enjoyed along with sepring white rice as a side dish or eaten with a spicy chilli sauce or tomato sauce create a child. But it is more tasty and delicious when eaten together with sauce mixed with fresh vegetable pieces in lieu of a salad that is in Hokben.
Make friends who do not know the name of the katsu is Japan which has the meaning of the piece or a small incision. So if the Recipe chicken katsu chicken recipes mean cut or slashed thin thin. If fried chicken recipe typically we create just cut based on his little big, this time we will be slashing their chickens from meat bone thin thin so that it feels padded and renyak when chewed dimulut. For chicken katsunya chicken used to make up to suit the tastes of each. Can use chicken breast so that more crunchy and crispy. Chicken thighs can also be more tender texture of a but usually less crispy but it felt would result more juicy because they contain more fat. More practically, so that friends can buy chicken fillets are already so.
In addition to chicken meat that thin thin difillet so crispy and cooked up a chicken in it, white should be really fresh so that the result is maximum. We recommend that you use chicken pieces because the meat is free-range chicken, is often little kesat and rather a lot. In addition because the chicken katsu this digorengnya not too long ago and its flesh is also not cooked first, then before given a breadcrumb flesh should be seasoned beforehand. Seasoning chicken katsu that is used is quite simple, but so pervasive kok until into should be silenced first in the refrigerator so pervasive.
In addition so that seasoning could really sink in, with it only in the refrigerator also aims to maintain the temperature of their chickens stay fresh. With this chicken meat used to make the Recipe chicken katsu ala Hoka Hoka Bento is more juicy and tasty while eaten later. Other tips to make chicken katsu to be aware is when frying the meat of their chickens had to use a pan that is deep or concave with oil a lot. This is done so that the meat is coated with breadcrumbs this can ripen evenly up into and do not overcook. The last is mixed with bumbunya before, the surface of the chicken should struck at first. In addition so that thinner flesh, bumbunya later more pervasive health and fiber are also more soft and tender when fried. Create an already impatient, please look at the ingredients and seasonings recipes chicken katsu below.
Ingredients for Chicken Katsu Fried crispy and Tender
1. The main ingredient needed is chicken meat that is medium-size difillet have already more or less as much as 5-6 pcs. Thinly sliced meat thickness around again with less than 0.7 cm so that seasoning could sink in. At 5 a.m. the flesh beforehand to widen and slimmer before greased with Seasoning.
2. Ginger shredded already little to variations in taste.
3. the onions coarsely shredded already more or less as much as 1 clove alone.
4. Granulated sugar or sugar Palm combed smooth as much as 1 tablespoon of course.
5. Garlic medium-size large, finely shredded or already been diuleg more or less as much as 4 cloves instead.
6. Soy Sauce or soy sauce quality nice to taste more or less according to taste as much as 4-5 a spoon instead.
7. Clean water to taste.
Ingredients For Chicken Meat sauce Katsunya
1. Bread crumbs, breadcrumbs or panko crumbs should use that are specific to Japanese cuisine.
2. Chicken egg 3-4 items already shuffled off to sauce material. So it feels more savory can be coupled with a little soy sauce when whisk her off.
3. multipurpose flour approx 4 tablespoons course.
4. the tapioca flour approx 5 tablespoons instead.
5. powder to taste Pepper to taste more or less as much as 1 small spoon.
6. just a little cornstarch.
Supplementary Materials
– Vegetables such as carrots, lettuce and cabbage already dirajang to taste.
– Mayonise bottle to taste.
– Tomato sauce or spicy bottled chilli sauce to taste.
– Cooking oil to fry chicken that’s been greased with flour.
How To Easily Create Recipes Chicken Katsu Style Cuisine Japan
1. after the chicken meat washed clean by running water and torn or sliced thin we will now prepare the marinade the chicken katsunya.
2. prepare a bowl or other container whose size is rather large and enter the Palm sugar, grated ginger, garlic already crushed, onions and salty soy sauce. Stir the mix all ingredients until well blended.
3. pour clean water to taste (more or less as much as 100 ml) stir stir again until all of the seasonings well blended.
4. put the chicken meat that has already difillet into the Bowl above until all the meat is submerged with seasoning.
Cover the bowl with the above meetings (could use plastic wrap let practical) and put in the refrigerator. Let stand until more or less for 1 hour – 2 hours so that bumbunya really seeped into his flesh.
5. after time enough, remove chicken fillets that are already seasoned and drain until dry (could use clean tissue dilap order quick dry surface of meat their chickens).
6. take a clean plastic (plastic 1 kg’s or other sizes) and pour the flour, cornstarch, pepper powder, tapioca flour then shake it shake it so that all the flour is well mixed. It can also use other containers if plastiknya does not exist.
7. prepare baking pan or other container which shape is a bit wide and pour the flour or breadcrumb pankonya.
8. take meat fillets are already drained and enter into the plastic contains a mixture of flour. Stir to blend well until all the flour covered chicken part and then set aside. Repeat until out of stock (do not stack ya time put it).
9. put the chicken meat that has already terlumuri a mixture of flour, whisk it into the egg above. Back and forth until all parts exposed to egg and lift (drain or rocking katsunya rocking so that the rest of them wasted).
10. enter into a container that contains flour panko or breadcrumbnya. Somewhat pressed so attached to perfect and back so that all parts are exposed. Set aside and then repeat for all meat their chickens.
11. Save and chill briefly in the refrigerator so that later flour not easily detached.
12. prepare a frying pan on medium heat sticky anti and give the oil a bit much.
13. After the oil in the frying pan really hot, enter one katsunya chicken until cooked yellow and a bit browned. Flip and FRY until cooked then drain again until its really not left.
14. serve along with cut carrots, lettuce, and tomato sauce mayonise sauce or sambal.
It turns out that how to make a chicken katsu crunchy and savory ala Hoka Hoka Bento not too hard isn’t it. To enhance your appearance, your friends can also white sesame seeds sprinkled on the outer layer when coated with panko crumbs and enjoyed with fried potatoes. Rather than buy expensive, better make it yourself at home instead. In addition to frugality, of course we can use the time for the other. If you want made stock, chicken katsu recipe above can also be stored in the freezer for a few days the lho. For cooking recipes Jeppang are another tasty and delicious,

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