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Not forever synonymous with hometown food food that is outdated and not cool. The proof, foods that impressed this village thus favored and much sought after people in the city. What is it about aja roughly?
In Curry
Foods that cause odor is indeed identical to the taste you “plebeian “. But for pencintanya, in Curry had the pleasure side of its own. Dont just delicious eaten raw, in Curry also tasty if cooked with herbs such as beef rendang or in balado. Really delicious!
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Kampong Bandung snack is also much liked by the people of the city. Its contents are diverse, such as crackers, noodles, kwetiaw, macaroni, meatballs, sausage, egg, claw, to kikil does have its own delights. Coupled with a savory and spicy broth. Make we can not stop snacking.
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Indeed no one could nolak pleasures of gado-gado. Especially for lovers of vegetables. Gado-gado is made of fresh vegetables with sweet peanut and savory indeed steady banget sih. Dont miss kerupuknya, which gives a sensation of crunchy delights on gado-gadonya.
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Egg Crust
Typical Betawi kampongs snacks made of glutinous rice dough mixed with eggs turned out to be much favored by people of the city also lho. The fa├žade which was crisp and savory flavor that gives his coconut make adds. Dont wonder Yes many are like.
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Tempe Mendoan
Although five feet thick with food, but tempe mendoan favored by many people. Eaten with cayenne pepper, can certainly increase appetite. Steady made snacks in the afternoon.

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