Often discarded, This Food Section 7 turned out to be good for health

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When processing the foodstuffs such as vegetables or fruit, surely there are some certain parts that are not included for further cooked or eaten. Typically, these form parts of the stem or fruit or vegetables on the skin, because it is considered not to be eaten and has a flavor that’s less good.
But, do you know that parts of the fruit or vegetable that is often discarded, thus contain nutrients that are no less good than other parts? In fact, on the part of the kiwi fruit, containing vitamins most precisely located on the Peel.
Reported by the following seven parts of fruits and vegetables containing many benefits, but often discarded:
1. The central part of the pineapple
The fruit is often processed into various drinks fresh and healthy food, such as juices, cocktails, and fruit salad. But unfortunately, it is often eaten pineapple only the outer part of the core course and fruits tend to be discarded.
In fact, the central part of the pineapple contains bromelain, which is the enzyme that is believed capable of delivering positive health effect that can prevent clotting and inflammation of the blood cells. The hard texture of pineapple indeed cannot be eaten directly, for that you can cut it in the shape of vertical and mix it with water in the pitcher, resulting in a refreshing drink.
2. Leaf fruit bits

Tired of consuming green vegetable that – that’s it? You can switch eat leaves of the fruit bit instead. Not many know, leaves the fruit bit turns out to contain vitamins A, K, C, and a variety of minerals that are good for health.
When about to cook the fruit bits, cut the first section leaves to be processed later. Add the grated lemon rind to eliminate it tastes a little bitter. Not only that, the leaf bits can also be shared with sauté in garlic and beans as complementary dishes.
3. The skin of a watermelon

In addition to the meat of the fruit is fresh, it turns out that watermelon rind can also be eaten, lho. Not only that, the watermelon rind contains a lot of fiber and components that can enhance and unleash a flow of blood.
Watermelon skin has a texture that is difficult to chew, so one of the best way to consume it is to sublimate the watermelon flesh of the fruit and its juice drinks into her skin. Another way to eat watermelon skin also can be done by turning them into pickles4. kiwi fruit Skin

One of the most commonly discarded fruit is the skin of the kiwi. As it turns out, the skin of the fruit is green has a very high content of vitamin, even the content of the fibers exceed the part of the fruit.
Kiwi leather can be eaten directly, along with fruit, meat or processed into juice, kiwi fruit smoothes way intact without being skinned by using a blender.
5. lemon rind

In addition to the kiwi fruit, lemon is also dressed with skin that is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Yes, lemon rind contain high vitamin C, even equalling the meat fruit. In addition, the lemon rind also contains plenty of fiber and components that can prevent the occurrence of inflammation and cancer.
Lemon rind can be blended in a variety of types of cuisine, with Memarut New first. In addition, the skin of fresh fruit can also be consumed as a detox drink, with mixing together with a glass of water.
6. Stem broccoli

The flower bud is one of the most often used on vegetables broccoli. In fact, stem broccoli also contains a variety of nutrion which is just as nutritious. Starting from vitamin C, potassium, and vitamin b. Additionally, broccoli stem turns out to contain fiber which is higher than the flower petals.
Try to cultivate broccoli stem by means of sauteing his along with a few other ingredients. Or, you can also his grilling to get a sense similar to meat.
7. Stem leaves kale
This healthy vegetable indeed rising middle and favored by adherents of the pattern of healthy living. The leaves are often processed into kale salad along with the other vegetables. But unfortunately, the stems from the kale was often discarded and removed, and more often utilize the leaves only.
As it turns out, a batang leaves kale contain fiber which is just as well with its leaves. Slice the stalks are thin and delicate, and cook it together leaves kale can provide additional fiber are beneficial to the body.

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