Padang Pop Chicken Recipe

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As we already know, normally this kind of chicken cooking recipes many are served in the Bistro or restaurant field. Well unlike the above simple chicken recipes, recipe this time using herbs that are more complete. With the addition of this special seasoning, cuisine recipes chicken pop Padang is certainly more delicious and tasty. Especially when enjoyed with spicy vegetables and typical Padang Restaurants singkon as well.

• the main ingredient is chicken meat or chicken thighs can also use more or less as much as 5 pcs (chunks of chicken thigh or 1/4 upper and lower thighs so one piece). Mix with lemon juice and a little salt and then squeeze and wash it clean to remove peculiar smell their chickens.
• fresh coconut water more or less as much as 1/2 litres.
• lime leaves more or less as much as 4 pcs.
• Laos medium-size already bruised by more or less as much as 2 adult finger segment.
• medium-size Ginger already bruised also more or less as much as 1 adult thumb.
• Lemongrass and digeprek already taken white wax is more or less as much as 1 pcs.
• Bay leaf more or less as much as 3 pcs.
• approximately as much Margarine 2 tablespoons.
• iodized salt as needed or to taste.
• cooking oil to taste as needed.
Chicken Seasoning Ingredients Of Typical Steppe
• large medium-size garlic more or less as much as 4 pcs.
• Pecan already fried without oil or roasted peanuts for a bit more or less as much as 3 pcs.
• large size medium red onion approx 7 pcs.
How To Make Chicken Pop Padang
1. puree onion uleg First and the red, white, nutmeg until smooth then set aside.
2. prepare the skillet or pan in teflon and then pour the water kelapanya along with chicken pieces, laos, Lemongrass, lime leaves, bay leaf, spices and other ingredients then stir lightly and cook over low heat until the meat is really tender their chickens. If the water can be discharged, kelapanya added a little hot water or warm.
3. after the tender lift and drain briefly.
4. After a somewhat cold, separate the skin from the chicken. It could also be separated when done washed clean at the beginning of the process.
5. prepare the skillet with enough oil plus margarine so that more savory and aromatic.
6. once the oil is hot, put the chicken pieces on the above briefly and then lift up and ready is served alongside traditional.

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