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Discover how to make Chicken Seasoning Pop typical Bukit Tinggi ala RM Simpang Raya Using Spice Spices that are practical and Simple. Discover how to make sauce also typical Padang cuisine delicacy to accompany it.
Pop chicken recipe is a special cuisine from the region of Padang and Bukit Tinggi the tender and savory. Usually still sold in the restaurant field and became one of the signature dishes menu for its customers. In contrast to other chicken dishes recipes, chicken pop had arguably look rather pale. White color with no skin health is indeed sometimes made that hasn’t been tasted it a bit reticent. But when it’s felt, certainly will be hooked with the delicacy of a boiled chicken meat with the marinade the chicken pop special and coconut water. Especially when coconut milk along with sauce MLA, spicy and delicious.
How to make chicken a tasty Special pop and savory ala padang restaurants is actually quite simple. If you already know the secrets and tips for seasoning the chicken pop and the way the Cook, surely will have no trouble. Arguably even more practical when compared with other chicken dishes recipes, such as chicken recipes rica rica or chicken soup recipe. But even so there are still some secret herbs and how to cook chicken recipes pop so make it special and unique compared to the other.
Tips On How To Make Chicken Pop Original Diner Padang
As a variety of Indonesian dishes chicken recipe from many other regions in our country, how to make chicken pop so tasty and delicious needs some special tips. The most important and characterizes his is coconut water. Coconut water to boil the chicken makes his Special chicken recipe this pop. Friends could use a rather young coconut water or who are already a bit old.
One unique characteristic is its chicken with no skin. For his chicken skin can be discarded before it steamed or boiled after completion together with seasonings or before put into frying pan. In general the hell pop chicken recipe using chicken native pasture or Stud cock. But if no, chickens can also actually cut although it feels may not segurih free-range chicken.
The Secret Of How To Cook The Chicken Pop
Although it looks white persih, it turns out the actual Recipe chicken dishes typical of Bukit Tinggi is one type of fried chicken. Yes, at first glance it looks like a boiled chicken is indeed the seasoning just isn’t it. But in contrast to the usual fried chicken, chicken recipes pop didn’t take long. There are two kinds of ways in. First enter the chicken is already pop spices typical of padang when the oil is cold then the lift so the oil starts to heat. The second way of hot oil until then wait input during 5 to 10 seconds. Remember the oil should be reversed and not much behind it.
1. Pop Simple chicken recipes
Compared to other padang cuisine recipes, chicken recipes pop is arguably very simple. Not just a practical way to make chicken pop but also simple once the seasonings. Without using a lot of material we can make the Spice seasoning chicken pop typical of the field with ease. Coconut water which is important for its chicken Marinades should be fresh Yes legit so that it feels later.
Chicken Simple Pop Materials
• fresh chicken already cut and washed clean of more or less as much as 1000 grams.
• medium-size Coconut fruit is water taken alone more or less as much as 2 pcs.
• iodized salt to taste to taste more or less 1/2 to 1 small spoon.
• finely to taste Pepper to taste more or less 1/2 small spoon.
• Vinegar to taste as needed or as much as 1 small spoon.
• white sugar to taste as needed or as much as 1 tablespoon of course.
• cooking oil to taste as needed.
How to cook chicken pop
1. first prepare the skillet or pan in teflon and enter the water coconut and turn on the stove over medium heat.
2. put chicken pieces until all submerged.
3. pour vinegar along with salt, white pepper and sugar then stir stir briefly.
4. Cover and cook until the water is shrinking their chickens and meat seem already white.
5. After that, turn off the heat and drain the chicken pieces lightly.
6. prepare a wok and give quite a lot of oil or until the pieces are submerged in perfect health later oil.
7. once the heat enter the chicken meat last a minute or approximately 6 seconds or the origin of the cook only.
8. Lift and drain briefly and then prepared his served with sauce.

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