Prescription Tahu Gejrot Cirebon Specials

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Prescription Tahu Gejrot Cirebon Specials
Fleeting indeed how to make Tahu the typical gejrot Cirebon this appears easy and simple. But if gravy seasoning ingredients and Tahu his ill-fitting gejrot, then it feels too not karuan. If friends ever bought at a roadside vending brother may be the flavor tasted light Yes. Well if you want to try a prescription Tahu gejrot Cirebon original then it should try the recipe below. Seasoning and ingredients to make the recipe kuah Tahus his gejrot a bit more so that it feels also better also and steadily. Gravy mix for Tahu her also darker and thicker than the ones sold by the side of the road that is commonly purchased.

Materials Tahu Gejrot:
• the main ingredient is fried tofu to taste as needed or as much as 9 to 12 pcs.
• thick tamarind Water sparingly as needed or as much as 2 tablespoons.
• brown sugar to taste to taste more or less as much as 50 grams only.
• good quality sweet soy sauce to taste more or less according to taste as much as 1 tablespoon.
• White granulated sugar just a little or as much as 1 small spoon.
• little iodized salt according to taste.
• clean water cooked just a little more or less as much as 130 ml or to taste.
Gravy Seasoning Tahu Gejrot Cirebon
• large size medium red onion more or less as much as 4 pcs.
• garlic medium-size large approx 2 pcs.
• small green Cayenne chilies to taste as needed or approximately 8 pcs to 12 pcs.
How to make Tahu the original gejrot Cirebon
1. first we are going to create a distinctive gravy gejrot Cirebon.
2. prepare a pan and stir in approximately 130 to 150 ml of water along with the sugar, salt, tamarind juice, brown sugar and kecapnya.
3. Cook and boil to a boil while stirring so well blended.
4. once the boil and strain if there is visible dirt of sugar and then set aside.
5. While waiting for the cold harsh uleg only shallots along with the garlic and green chillies.
6. Enter the above into ulegan seasoning sauce that is already cool then stir stir until well blended.
7. taste Test and add the tamarind juice, sugar or salt if it is felt less comfortable.
8. cut tofu gorengnya and put in a bowl or plate.
9. pour gravy Tahu typical Cirebon last until blended and let it sink in and then briefly so that the ready for when consumed.

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