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A variety of Recipes And Original Way Gejrot Tahu Made Kuah Tahu Gejrot Typical Specials are tasty Sumedang and Cirebon, spicy sweet and sour taste. Use seasoning simple but addictive and can make a guaranteed for sale too. Could use a fried white tofu or tahu sumedang.
Tahu gejrot is one of simple snack made of fried tofu cut and washed down with gravy that tastes unique and distinctive favors all. Found first in the region of Cirebon, current food vendors also mushroomed in Jakarta, Bandung, Sumedang and other cities. Not only because the broth is delicious, the prices are very cheap also make this snack so much favored by our society. In addition to the unique presentation by using small plates or layah clay also makes him favored by many people.

Just as the recipe how to make egg rolls which we’ve discussed before, the prescription of the Sunda region Tahu this indeed is one of the favorite snacks or light snacks for all ages. Even not only teens or older children, adults also love the delicacy of the gravy that does him being one of its appeal. When actually how to make tofu gejrot is very easy and practical once lho. Not just to be enjoyed on its own, a variety of recipe kuah gejrot Tahu we give below can be made for sale in our environment.
Prescription Sales Associate Tahu Gejrot
Make friends who might find the idea of create adds money shopping, selling typical with a Tahu a variety of think it might be worth considering. Moreover, the ingredients and how to make tofu gejrot is arguably very easy and practical. If you really want to look for prescription sale Tahu gejrot, to watch out for is the target of a consumer that will be searched. If the create child at a bargain price, prescription Tahu simple gejrot will we give below may be fitting. But if you want target adults or are rather expensive but delicious, authentic recipes of Cirebon under more complete with herbs could be an option.
The Origin Of Tahu Gejrot
When friends don’t Tahu, the original recipe Tahu gejrot actually comes from. Although it is indeed currently we find also Tahu gejrot Tasikmalaya, Bandung, Sumedang and others. But it is indeed based on the history that we browse, snack or a simple snack with sour, sweet and slightly spicy this is first found in the region of Cirebon municipality in the province of West Java.
For the name of this own gejrot actually is also quite unique. This is due to the seller of this simple cuisine recipes usually put the gravy on the bottle then issued him by the way in lifting up and down or the stick so that the sound is quite unique. But now it’s not all sellers Tahu this gejrot recipe, whether that’s in his hometown of Cirebon or in Sumedang, Jakarta, Bandung and other cities still use bottles to put the tofu soup. But the vendor or carried average remains in their preservation.
How To Make Gravy Tahu Gejrot
One characteristic of a simple snack of Cirebon town is located on the broth. Yes, gravy Tahu gejrot jumbled with a taste between sweet, sour and spicy is what makes it look for a lot of people. Friends friends not to worry, how to make gravy Tahu gejrot very easy kok. The important ingredients such as tamarind, onions, brown sugar and other materials available we can easily make a marinade typical of Cirebon. Check out a variety of herbs gravy Tahu that below.
1. Prescription Tahu Gejrot simple for Sale
Food recipes, spicy soup with tofu is indeed being one of the cheap snack option a rousing but tasty. Although actually how to make tofu gejrot is easy, but if it does not fit bumbunya will certainly be less delicious taste. Perhaps it’s less acidic, less sweet or less savory. Well make friends that would like to find a recipe for selling tofu gejrot might be able to try the recipes we provide below.
• Tahu pong approximately 5 pcs or can also use tofu that is already cut and fried until Brown of her skin.
• tamarind Water more or less as much as 7 tablespoons or to taste. How to make it mix more or less 1 tablespoon sour with 11 tablespoons warm water and then stir to blend well until blended.
• iodized salt to taste according to your needs and tastes.
• brown sugar that’s been combed smooth more or less as much as 3 tablespoons.
• Onion more or less as much as 5 pcs.
• garlic, more or less as much as 2 pcs.
• Fruit green chillies to taste more or less according to taste as much as 5 to 7 pcs.
How to make simple gejrot Tahu
• first puree and onion uleg, chilli, garlic and salt to taste until smooth.
• enter her brown sugar then uleg back until blended.
• pour the water asamnya more or less as much as 7 tablespoons and then mix until blended.
• Test the flavor and add salt or brown sugar if less.
• When it’s acquired taste wish enter pieces of him.
• Somewhat press using ulegan so pervasive and is ready to be served for refreshments.

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