Recipe Satay Padang Panjang

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Recipe Satay Padang Panjang
Like the cuisine from the of this pretty yellow broth. If Yes, it means that the recipe Satay padang panjang is compulsory to try made at home. Like other padang cuisine recipes, seasonings sate padang panjang is arguably the most complete. Assorted spices spices like turmeric, ginger, batangs erai, galangal and kandis acid are mixed to obtain a special flavor. Don’t forget plus also with little seasoning curries Yes so that the flavor really as good as original sate mak syukur padang panjang.
The First Ingredient:

• the main ingredient is a mixture of beef offal (tongue and heart) that’s been washed clean of more or less as much as 1 kg. Can be replaced also with beef or chicken.
• clean water to boil the giblets above to taste as needed or as many as 3 litres.
• iodized salt to boil more or less to taste as much as 1 small spoon.
• ready-made rice cake to taste.
• skewer to taste.
The Second Ingredient
• stalk Lemongrass white course taken more or less as much as 3 pcs.
• kandis Acid more or less as much as 1 pcs.
• fresh lime leaves more or less as much as 10 pcs.
• starch more or less as much as 1 to 2 tablespoon scoop.
• rice flour sparingly as needed or as much as 50 grams only.
• clean water sparingly as needed or as many as 300 ml.
• cooking oil for sauteing the spices to taste new sate padang panjang.
Marinade Satay Padang Panjang
• large medium-size garlic more or less as much as 6 pcs.
• large size red onion on more or less as much as 12 pcs.
• good quality powder Curry Seasoning just a little more or less 1/2 tablespoons.
• Turmeric medium-size approx 5 cm only.
• minced chili pepper to taste more or less according to taste as much as 1 tablespoon.
• Gingerbread big size medium more or less as much as 5 cm as well.
• Galangal kuranag 3 cm more along the course.
• berydoium to taste salt to taste more or less as much as 2 small spoons.
How to make Satay padang panjang mak gratitude
1. first prepare the Pan then stir in the water and after the heat enter the jeroannya along with the kitchen salt and then stir briefly and boil until tender. If you want to quickly get to use a saucepan presto.
2. Once cooked and cut into pieces the box according to your needs and tastes.
3. Extract and set aside former stew broth last more or less as much as 600 ml then set aside.
4. puree and Uleg bawnag red, white, saffron, ginger and other spices ingredients until smooth.
5. prepare the skillet with oil to taste seasoning smooth sateen and enter last and stir stir briefly.
6. Insert stem of Lemongrass, lime leaves, tamarind seasoning into kandis last then stir stir until fragrant and then back off.
7. take a 2/3 seasoning and set aside earlier and let rest in pan.
8. Insert the pieces of beef offal of yesteryear into the wok contains 1/3 herbs last then Cook briefly over medium heat until evenly distributed and pervasive.
9. take a skewer and insert pieces of offal of yesteryear and arrange neatly and then set aside.
10. Enter the 2/3 spice disishkan last into water boiled the broth and then cook until boiling.
11. While waiting for the boil mix 300 ml water together with rice flour and cornstarch then stir until well blended.
12. stir the flour mixture into the water above the stew seasonings and broth to a boil and then stir the already stirring until well blended and looked so slick.
13. prepare a grill or Broil burnt pieces of Satay grilled then last until cooked through and repeat until all used up.
14. set the sate padang already cooked above the plate and flush with thick gravy seasoning sauce and fried baang padanganya.
15. Recipe Satay padang panjang ala mak gratitude ready for serving.

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