Recipes Chicken Satay Padang

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Recipes Chicken Satay Padang
In addition to using ground beef and beef offal, the seller is the typical cuisine of Minang also provides a version of chicken. Recipes chicken satay padang is indeed a bit different when compared to the beef or offal or chicken satay recipe in General. Because the texture and characteristics of different chicken meat, then seasoning chicken satay padang also slightly adjusted. Create a want to try cooking the chicken satay dish has become lumpy, please see how to make Satay chicken and gravy to his pasture below.

Ingredients: Satay
• fresh chicken boneless breast portion taken size medium large approximately as much as 1 pcs.
• Citronella taken stems and bruised by more or less as much as 1 pcs.
• Bay leaf more or less as much as 2 pcs.
• turmeric Leaves more or less as much as 1 pcs.
• fresh lime leaves more or less as much as 1 pcs.
• large, medium-size White already bruised by more or less all 3 adult finger segment.
• star anise roughly as much as 2 pcs.
• Cloves more or less as much as 4 pcs.
• Cardamom more or less as much as 2 pcs.
• cinnamon was more or less as much as 1 pcs.
• chicken flavor powder to taste the broth to taste.
• sugar and iodized salt to taste according to the tastes of each.
• clean water sparingly as needed.
• cooking oil more or less as much as 3 to 4 tablespoons.
Ingredients Marinade Chicken Satay Padang
• large size medium red onion more or less as much as 5 pcs.
• large medium-size garlic more or less as much as 4 pcs.
• Turmeric medium size more or less along the 2 finger segment.
• Ginger size are more or less along the finger segment 1 adult.
• curly red chilli to taste more or less according to taste as much as 120 to 150 gram only.
• Cumin or less as much as 1/4 tablespoons.
• Pepper granules to taste as needed or 1/4 tablespoon.
• coriander powder to taste more or less according to taste as much as 1/2 a small spoon.
How to make chicken satay padang
1. After the first washed and then cut into the shape of a box as desired.
2. Uleg or could also enter into the blender in assorted herbs such chilli above the sate, cumin, ginger, turmeric and other until smooth.
3. prepare a skillet with oil to taste the seasoning and enter last along with lime leaves, galangal, turmeric leaves and Bay leaves then stir stir until fragrant smell.
4. Insert cloves, cardamom, star anise, cinnamon and then stir stir again briefly until well blended.
5. put the pieces of chicken meat last then stir stir again until blended and changes color.
6. Enter the water to taste then stir briefly and boiled closed with pan or closed more or less for 15 samnpai 20 minutes.
7. Enter the salt along with the gravy powder and sugar then stir again until blended.
8. After percolating lift their chickens then filter the water of the former stew to make Satay gravy its rich pasture and then set aside.
9. drain chicken pieces for a bit and then enter to neatly skewer until it runs out.
10. Prepare a burnt offering or it could be using a pan sticky anti already smeared with a little oil or margarine.
11. Grilled until cooked and then serve above the plate.
Gravy recipes ingredients chicken satay padang
• clean water sparingly as needed or as much as 1 Cup.
• scallions if rather small small cutting of already more or less as much as 2 pcs.
• rice flour sparingly as needed or as many as 10 tablespoons.
• the remaining former bouillon chicken stew him later.
How To Make Marinade Satay Padang
1. first boil remaining water broth back former chicken stew last to a boil.
2. while waiting, mix water and flour rice then stir stir until well blended.
3. once boiling, pour a solution of rice flour last and then stir stir together bouillon until well mixed and ambience.
4. test the flavor, if need to re-insert the salt, bouillon powder or add water so that the fitting overcome.
5. Ready for poured above the sate padang and lontongnya.
How to make Satay padang is, both from the region of pariaman or padang panjang is indeed a bit more hassle in dibandingakn with goat sate recipes or recipe Satay taichan. But when it’s tried, it turned out that the result could treat our exertion to make marinade Satay padang is right. Especially if the friends kebutulan have supplies of beef or beef innards at home. PAS once to try to make a variety of recipe Satay padang itself at home.

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