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The sense of healthy food is a food that has a balanced, nutrient-containing fibers and the necessary substances to the body’s process of growing flowers. Healthy food menu should a kayak be elements of nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and a bit of unsaturated fats, or rather the abbreviated menu name with 4 healthy 5.
The large number of chemical substances and only have 1 or 2 content only, so that the body will still lacks some very important substances, the following labels some foods containing healthy perfect 5:4

 carbohydrates: contained on rice, wheat, cassava, and others.
 protein: many found in tofu, tempeh, eggs Bacon, etc.
 minerals: there are many on vegetables
 vitamins: many found on fruits
 milk
The goal of consuming healthy food for our bodies is to keep our bodies stay healthy, grow, and develop them well. Balanced nutritious and healthy food does not mean the food is expensive and delicious. Healthy food according to the nutritionists contains four kinds of food, namely: staple food, side dishes, vegetables and fruit
Staple Food
Many staple foods contain carbohydrates (starchy substance). Misalnyal rice, corn, bread, cassava, and sago. Carbohydrate is needed by the body as a source of energy. Of this resource, we can do all the activity or activities. So, in order for a body-powered then each day we must eat enough carbohydrates that can be taken from the rice, bread, maize, cassava and sago.
Side Dishes
Side dishes contain lots of protein and fat which are used to build body and replace damaged cells. Examples include side dishes are meat, fish, chicken, eggs, tempeh, tofu, and others.

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