the dangers of msg for the body

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Based on the research, the food flavor enhancers are commonly known as MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), can damage a person’s appetite with damaging brain tissue responsible for controlling appetite. Sense amplifier posed can cause someone hooked outside could have on food containing MSG. The following 6 dangers of MSG for the human body, among others.

1. MSG can cause fat
Sense of craving caused by MSG, can make you addicted to excessive or persistent addiction to food containing MSG. A study conducted in China involving 752 healthy Chinese 40-59 age people taken from a village in China. Most requested eat commercial food containing MSG and some ask for a healthy meal without MSG. Their activities as usual and the result people who eat foods containing MSG has higher weight compared to the other.
2. MSG can cause brain damage
Basically the MSG is a food flavor enhancers can stimulate brain performance to respond to the appetite. If it is constantly consuming MSG, conceivable that your brain will be encouraged excessive especially parts of the brain in charge of controlling the appetite for food.
3. MSG can spur inflammation of the liver
Consume excessive MSG causes the heart become abnormal work that can trigger the onset of inflammation of the liver.

4. The majority of fast food using MSG
This makes sense as well. In addition to being food, MSG flavor enhancers can also help preserve food. Be careful in choosing food. Make sure you really get the real facts information from the food you buy.
5. the amplifier sense that MSG is most widely used in the world
MSG is currently used in commercial food aplenty. So be sure to always be careful in choosing food. Especially if you have small children. It would be dangerous if small children to consume healthy food Select Msg. secure consumed every day and certainly non MSG as well as free of preservatives.
6. MSG can slow the development of children’s intelligence
The content of MSG can interfere with the performance of the brain. Within a certain period may slow the development of intelligence of your child’s brain. So sayangilah your child by choosing healthy foods.

That’s the 6 danger MSG for the human body. Always take care of your health and your family with living a healthy lifestyle and keep the quality of your food

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