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Fuss fuss matter of monosodium glutamate (MSG) as a flavoring ingredient back sticking out. This time, Public Interest Research and Advocacy Center (PIRAC) who recalled the content of monosodium glutamate MSG alias in the usual snacks consumed children. According to NGOs, many snacks in the package does not include the content of MSG that could threaten children’s health.


The word Nurhasan, a researcher at the PIRAC, institution researching food snack brand since 13 June until July 2003. Of the 13 brands of it, turns out to be as much as seven brand does not mention the existence of MSG in the packaging. Seven brand it was Chiki, Chitato, Cheetos, Taro Snack, Smax, the Golden Horn, and son Mas. Whereas, in accordance with the consumer protection laws and regulations of the 1999 Year Minister of health Number 722 Year 1988 about food additive, MSG content in food should be mentioned.


Meanwhile, six other snack food brand is indeed declared the existence of the content of MSG but, according to Nurhasan, how many grams of content of MSG is not mentioned explicitly. It is certainly not in line with the principle of clarity for consumers.


From the results of the research, the content of MSG PIRAC earn a percentage in the meals snack. Three snacks, namely branded Cheetos, Chitato, and Twistko, it contains MSG more than 1% (see Chart Info). Imagine, if a child ate up to 100 gram snack containing 1.02% MSG, it means that the child has been eating MSG as much as 1.02 grams. How would children’s health when the pattern of eating snack ber MSG this happens repeatedly?


But, exactly how many grams of MSG that could harm children’s health? Nurhasan claims to be unable to be sure. â €? Count count this requires special research, â €? He said. The problem is, until now there has been no clinical research on the effects of MSG on human health. This may be due to ethical constraints do not allow research foundation of human guinea pigs. If in the field of medicinal drugs, clinical research is still possible.


What is clear, based on reference shoves Nurhasan recommendations Drug and food Supervisory Agency in the United States. According to this institution, the safe limit of MSG can be consumed is under two grams. When it’s two to three grams grams, as results of research institutions in 1995, MSG can cause allergies. And, when to consume five grams of MSG, it can harm people who suffer from asthma.


First, in 1975, Bogor agricultural University never investigated the effects of MSG against chickens. As a result, the poultry that died after eating food containing MSG. According to Nurhasan, this negative effect could be analogous to the case of the Chinese Restaurant Syndrome. In this case, a doctor in America eating at a Chinese restaurant in 1969. About 20 minutes later, he felt nauseous, dizzy, and then vomit puke. This set of symptoms or syndromes occur because Chinese food contains many MSG. This means also, â €? Consuming MSG belongs to risky, â €? Nurhasan said

Because of that, said Nurhasan again, the Government requested that the PIRAC through the Ministry of health made a warning that consumes more than one gram of MSG is dangerous. This is in accordance with the recommendation of the food and drug Supervisory Agency in the United States, which States that the limit of MSG is safe under two grams.


During this time, which was used from the benchmark has always been Health Minister Number 722 Year 1988 about food additive, which only stated that the use of MSG to taste. â €? Cannot only be said to taste. It should also be safe limits are expressed in grams or milligrams, â €? said Nurhasan added.


As it turned out, the results of research while sticking it instantly PIRAC opinion harshly by Sunarto Prawiro Sujanto, Chairman of the Union of Glutamic Acid MSG and Factory Indonesia. â €? The statement that PIRAC nonsense. His research lies, â €? the former Director General of drug and food (POM) in 1974, this.

Sunarto added that the food and drug Supervisory Agency in the United States have already officially declared MSG safe. â €? MSG circulating in America and not detrimental to the health of the consumer, â €? He said.


He also criticized the results of research about the levels of MSG PIRAC in various brands of snack foods. According to the PIRAC, content of MSG is between 0.46% and 1.02%. If true the substance of it, means packet of snack food that weighs between 14 and 20 grams only contain MSG between 64.4 milligrams up to 204 milligrams. But, PIRAC says that the snack weighing 200 gramâ € “means the amount of MSG is 0.92 grams up to 2.04 grams. â €? No snack weighing 200 grams, â €? Sunarto said.


In the US, snack in the cans only weigh 180 gramâ € “i.e. not until 200 grams. In the kalengnya is indeed mentioned the existence of the content of MSG, but it noted the levels of their subjects. Because, there is no rule requiring it. Government Regulation Number 69 Year 1999 also does not require to pass the content of MSG. Even according to the decision letter of the Minister of health Number 235 Years 1979, MSG or MSG may be used, provided it to taste. â €? It all proved that the MSG is indeed safe for consumption, â €? Sunarto said.


Sunarto could not forget protest among doctors who often say that MSG is harmful. â €? Nonsense if anyone is sick because of eating MSG, â €? He said. Moreover, to date there has been no research that could prove a hazard in question. Once part of the Pharmacology Faculty of medicine University of Gajah Mada doing serious research about the effects of MSG. Research was assisted by the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Business and Technology, the University of Western Sydney, Australia.


The result? As presented in Italy on 12 14 October 1998, was not found

health disorder symptoms in healthy people the food up to three grams of MSG plus on each portion is big. Blood pressure, pulse, and breathing on a sample group of people given the MSG between 1.5 to 3 grams is also not differ markedly from those who were given food without MSG.


On that basis, according to the content of MSG, Sunarto could consumed should not be listed. â €? A variety of snacks were at best his MSG content of 0.004%. If it’s too much, it tasted salty. So baseball practice dong, â €? He said.


It is also the Chairman of the Fda articulated, Sampurno. According to him, a snack that examined PIRAC were safe for consumption. World Health Organization (WHO) also stated that MSG is safe for health. Of course this may not be the material to be consumed by infants, especially those that are still under the age of three months. However, if the agreed content of MSG Sampurno must be listed on food labels.

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