The following 10 foods that have high nutrition.

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Foods with a high nutrient consumed very rarely now because people often eat instant food or junk food. Such food
don’t have high nutritional bah kan can lead to a dangerous disease. Nutrient rich foods actually is not too difficult to find such kind of food.
And foods high in nutrients also have often heard it and eat it but there are who do not like nutritious food.
The body requires sufficient nutrients to work properly, for example only a very simple if we consume less vitamin C eat we will experience canker sores, chapped lips and so on. Foods that have high nutritional can be served with a wide variation depending on how to offer it.
Not forever nutritious food that’s bitter, nothing tastes good some are not but if a clever process it all will be good. Or if you don’t know the recipes food can look it up at the nearest gramedia even on the internet very much all the recipes of food that invites appetite.

1. Sweet Potato
Sweet potatoes can be processed with different variations. Potatoes also become favorite foods from various walks of life. Sweet potatoes contain beta carotene, iron, and vitamins B6 and contain fiber. The content of nutrients in potatoes also can prevent cancer and heart disease.

2. Spinach
Who is not familiar with this type of vegetable, spinach is a favorite food of the popeye cartoons. It is usually served with a spinach gravy. Spinach has a lot of nutrients like carotenoids, zeazanthin, calcium and vitamin K.
3. Broccoli
Still remember the characters cute shincan? well the broccoli is the food that he abhorred, not because it is not useful but rather a lot of nutrients contained in the broccoli, including calcium, vitamin A and vitamin c. Broccoli can also improve memory and can prevent cancer Breast
4. Bluberry
What kind of food does a bit in Indonesia but it doesn’t hurt to know what content exists in the bluberry. Bluberry contains beta carotene, vitamin A, C and E as well as fiber.
5. Onions
The onion into a food complement which is served in a wide variety of foods. As for the nutrients contained in onions is potassium, calcium, iron, vitamin C as well as garlic can prevent cancer.
6. Tomato
Tomatoes contain vitamin C and has previously been in tell in a previous article the benefits of tomatoes.
7. Nuts
Nuts is my favorite food. If you already eat beans forget time. Nuts have not lost many nutrients namely protein and iron, as well as having a high fiber.
8. Raisin
Kimis may more often be found in the content of bread sold. Raisins contain iron, potassium, vitamin A, selenium, and rich in fiber.
9. Salmon
In Indonesia might be a bit of trouble finding this fish, since fish is not derived from indonesia and if there is any cost belongs to the expensive. The nutrition content of salmon is high in omega-3, namely, proteins, amino acids and cholesterol content in salmon belong to low.
10. Skim Milk
Skim milk contains vitamin B2 and vitamin A that are useful to the organ of vision. And skim milk contains calcium and vitamin D which is great for bone growth.
As we know with a high nutrition food is not difficult to find even already often we consume but do not know what are the benefits contained therein.
Living healthy with healthy food already mandatory health sake we conducted ourselves.

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