The Food Is Not Good For The Health Of Our Skin

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Most of us think if the health of the skin depends on the way we clean your body every day. For example, they rarely take a shower or wash your face, it will tend to have skin that is dirty, dull, and unhealthy. In fact, skin health also depends on other things, like from what we eat. A healthy diet already able to make our skin stay healthy and beautiful, on the contrary, if we choose foods that are less healthy, then we will have a less healthy skin like if we have the habit of smoking. Hence, what are the actual food less healthy for our skin?that less healthy for our skin Chips apparently has the ability to cause inflammation and trigger oxidative stress on DNA and collagen as well. If we quite often consume Chips can-can our skin will be prone to early wrinkles.

Fast food is often already considered unhealthy foods for the body. It turned out the impact of the consumption of fast food can also reach our skin. Fast food has fat content and high glycemic index so that any skin tends to produce excessive oil so it’ll be easy to face skin acne appears. In addition to fast food, it’s good we also avoid foods containing margarine. Margarine has a lot of content of trans fats that are less healthy. The problem is, the margarine turned out to have the ability to make skin dry and easy ber of wrinkles.

Fizzy drinks are also very not recommended if we want to get a healthy skin. How does carbonated drinks, which are rich in sugar content will make our skin tissue damage collagen and elastin of the skin so that we lose the softness and its suppleness. The same also applies if we consume too much candy.


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