The hallmark of the cuisine in Java, from Sweet To Savory, spicy

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Indonesia is one of the countries with a diversity of cultural, culinary and various other things. Never mind the throughout Indonesia, on food, on the island of Java alone already have respective characteristics that differ between one another.

In some cities or counties in Java, its cuisine tends to be sweet and savory. But in other cities or counties, will be found the salty, savory dishes at once spicy. If you are a fan of cuisine from different regions, you can surely distinguish what became typical of the cuisine of each region, particularly in Java.

East Javanese Cuisine
We start from the East Javanese cuisine. Generally, the typical cuisine of East Java, particularly Surabaya and its surrounding has a pretty salty and spicy. Paste and shrimp paste are widely used as the giver of flavor in each dish. Generally, the region’s cuisine is cooked until completely cooked, steamed by way of burnt or dipepes. The most typical and popular food of rujak cingur are East Java, tofu mix, chicken and tofu lodho tech.

Central Javanese Cuisine
The cuisine in this area a lot of fathers affected in the ancient Kingdom of Yogyakarta and Surakarta which has a characteristic sweet and less spicy. Many use a marinade of garlic, a little brown sugar and spices, coconut milk, also makes the cuisine of this area has a very distinctive flavor and perfect for all who didn’t like spicy tongue. Some popular foods of Central Java is gudek, soto kudus and jadah.

Cuisine Of West Java (Sunda)
Cuisine of West Java or Sundanese usually known always come with fresh vegetables. This dish also often use seasoning base of white and yellow. Herbs may not be missed is the Lemongrass stalks, bay leaf and galangal. In order to make the cuisine of this area have a taste and aroma of mouth-watering cuisine, usually cooked by way of dikepul, baked or steamed with wrapped in banana leaves. In order to make sense of every cuisine is also increasingly common, sambal also juxtaposed with it. The famous food of Sunda is wrapped in rice, nasi liwet, nasi tutug oncom, and pepes.

Cuisine Of Jakarta (Betawi)
Because it’s got a lot of influence from the Portuguese settlers such as the Netherlands, Arabic and Chinese, Betawi Jakarta or specialties is identical with savory but not too spicy. Herbs used for seasoning among other things is galangal, ginger, Bay leaves and stalks of Lemongrass. Cooking methods commonly used are boiled and fried. Some of the dishes Were the most popular among others is hot and betawi soto betawi, karedok and ketoprak.

That’s some of the typical dishes that exist in Java. If you are, how ya typical food in the area? Don’t forget to share in the comments and tell me your experience.

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