The Original Recipe Satay Padang Special Seasoning Minang

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A Variety Of Original Recipe Satay Padang Minangkabau Are Inviting Easy Ways To Make It. Discover the secret recipes of typical padang Pariaman sate seasoning, Padang Panjang and Bukit Tinggi mak as good as Thanksgiving that was already legendary. Practically on the Cook in the House could use the Satay offal such as the tongue, the heart, the beef or chicken sate marinade field.

Recipe Satay padang is one of typical cuisine from the region of Minang which uses viscous Satay gravy legit and delicious taste. Sate madura recipes with different or ponorogo, kuah is typical of this region of West Sumatra seems more thick with the scent of herbs gravy. His trademark is indeed located in kuah sate his washed down above the rice cake and tusakan meat or offal sapinya. Yes, like other padang cuisine recipes, marinade Satay padang is more use of herbs spices typical of Indonesia. Although rich in herbs, but how to make Satay padang pariaman, the bukit tinggi or padang panjang turns out to be not as hard as we think.
Same with the sate of other areas in our country, Satay gravy lumpy typical Padang is also usually enjoyed with rice cake rice (how to make a rice cake can be found in recipes lontong cap gomeh Eve). Sauce sate padang which berwarana yellow or somewhat rosy indeed it looks very inviting. Because the gravy recipe Satay padang is thick, so it didn’t fit if friends want to enjoy it along with a plate of white rice.
A difference Recipe Satay Padang Pariaman and Padang Panjang
Outside Padang city mostly refer to sate with thick gravy as sate Padang. Although the broth was thick, yellow or reddish rather still call it so. Whereas in its original place as it turns out there are many variations of Satay Padang native herbs could be found. But the most famous is the recipe Satay Satay padang pariaman and Padang Panjang.
Judging at a glance fact there is a difference which is quite striking in thick gravy that is used. Recipe Satay Padang Parimanan gravy satenya colors look less rosy because it uses the chilies as one of bumbunya. While the long version kentalnya gravy is yellow because it uses more turmeric than versions of Pariaman. If the problem is indeed not very visible sense of difference. Most notably the chili flavor more spicy because it used a different amount.
How To Make Gravy Recipe Satay Padang
Overview of how to make Satay padang is the same with how to make Satay recipe maranggi we’ve provided last week. The two other special herbs require same same should be processed in advance at jeroannya new meat or burnt. The difference is the rest of the marinade Satay padang is not just for brand burnt but mixed with a solution of glutinous rice to Satay gravy made later. Unlike maranggi who just are soaked first so that the process of marinasi its really seeped into his flesh.
The Price Of Satay Padang
Because the marinade Satay padang more multi-faceted and more, then the price of a portion of the food is certainly a little bit more expensive than sate ponorogo or sate madura. Indeed depending on the material the hell white also innards or beef. But the average price of Satay padang 1 serving dikisaran thousands to the small traders or about 30 thousand to 40 thousand to the already well known as sate padang panjang mak syukur. Assorted Satay marinade yuk look typical of the Minang below.
1. The recipe Satay Padang Pariaman
If friends ever enjoy the delights of this Satay marinade Satay but with little red or Brown, then a friend of a friend eat it is the Spice version of pariaman. Typical recipe Satay padang pariaman is located in chilies that are used as one of the bumbunya. The color red makes chili sauce Satay padang his more dark-colored or rather red. In addition one of the characteristic seasoning sate padang pariaman are peanuts mixed together with other ingredients.
Satay Padang Materials:
• the main ingredients fresh beef is more or less as much as 1/4 kg.
• peanuts already fried and in rough uleg sparingly to taste more or less as much as 1/4 ounces.
• kandis Acid more or less as much as 2 pcs.
• lime leaves more or less as much as 2 pcs.
• Stem Lemongrass taken white part only then memarkan more or less as much as 1 pcs.
• medium-size Galangal that’s already bruised by previous approximately 1 cm.
• clean the turmeric Leaves and then conclude more or less as much as 2 pcs.
• rice flour to taste more or less as much as 25 grams and then combine and stir until blended with a little water.
• clean water and cooking oil to taste as needed.
Marinade Satay Padang Pariaman:
• large medium-size garlic more or less as much as 4 pcs.
• large size medium red onion more or less as much as 6 pcs.
• Turmeric size medium that already burned briefly along more or less 3 cm.
• coriander to taste more or less as much as 1 small spoon.
• curly red chilies and Chili to taste great or less each 2 or 3 pcs.
• Cardamom more or less as much as 1 pcs.
• just a little Cumin or approximately 1 small scoop of peres.
• Ginger size being approximately 1 cm.
• iodized salt to taste as needed.
• Pepper and finely granulated sugar to taste to taste each.
How to make Satay padang:
1. first prepare the boiling water and cook so enter sapinya and cook until meat changes color or half-baked.
2. Lift up and then cut the shapes dice until out of stock and set aside.
3. Puree or uleg or blend garlic, chilli, onion and seasoning sate other pariaman until smooth.
4. prepare stove and give just a little oil.
5. Enter the seasoning of yesteryear along with galangal and Lemongrass that already digeprek then stir stir until aromatic and fragrant.
6. Enter the Satay meat already cut last then stir stir together spices above briefly.
7. Insert clean water together kandis acid to taste or approximately 1 liter, granulated sugar, salt and finely ground pepper then stir again and cook until the flesh is tender.
8. After fitting it feels tender and lift and drain briefly and insert a skewer into the satenya.
9. Prepare a burnt offering and then roasted and grilled Satay while reversed until cooked then set aside.
10. Next we make the marinade Satay padang pariamannya.
11. The remainder of the water decoction of yesteryear is boiled again.
12. Enter the solution then stir in rice flour stir until blended.
13. stir fried beans that already diuleg or crushed rough then stir stir until boil.
14. test the taste when it’s poured ready for fitting on top of the sate of already burned earlier.

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