These 7 types of Processed Egg that is Practical and delicious

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If discussing practical food but rich in nutrients, the egg is the answer. Processing time is relatively short and it tastes delicious, make an egg become breakfast menu handy often chosen to fill the stomach when early morning.
Generally eggs treated with boiling, made fried egg, or didadar with simple seasonings like onions and chili.
It turns out that, in addition to the boiled and fried, there are still many other easy egg processing techniques that could be inspiring you, and family breakfast menu. What’s it?
She is 7 different types of processed egg that you can try at home:
1. Hard Hard-boiled Egg
Hard hard-boiled egg can be interpreted as a hard boiled egg that is cooked until the egg is completely cooked evenly. Yellow eggs become more faded with the texture of the egg whites.
To make hard hard-boiled egg trick very easy. Only need to boil the eggs with the use of cold water until eggs are completely submerged. After boiling water, wait for 10 to 12 minutes in order for the eggs really cooked.
2. Soft Hard-boiled Egg
In contrast to the hard hard-boiled, hard-boiled egg is soft boiled egg with the yolk which is still melted. Manufacturing engineering is not different to make hard hard-boiled egg, but just making a different time.
Boil soft hard-boiled egg only takes 6 minutes. After 6 minutes elapsed, turn off the heat and move the eggs to the container containing the ice water to stop the ripening process on eggs.
3. Hard Scrambled
Such as hard hard-boiled egg, scrambled egg also cooked until completely cooked. Scrambled egg is an egg that diorak eggs on top of the skillet until the white part of the egg yolk and blend into irregular. Do not cooked too long to generate the texture of scrambled eggs.
4. Soft scrambled
Soft scrambled egg textured more mushy and wet compared to the hard scrambled. It feels more creamy because cooked quickly using low heat.
Make it too easy, you just need to whisk the egg and cook it while diorak eggs. In order to make it taste more creamy, whisk eggs can be added to fresh milk.
5. Sunny Side Up
True to its name, sunny side up eggs that are diceplok to the Sun is shaped like poking at the core. To make sunny side up fried egg or a perfect, don’t Cook fried egg too long so that the texture of the yellow eggs are not hardened.
Use low heat to make a tasty egg yolk.
6. Poached Egg
Poached egg is boiled eggs without using the shell. So, to make a poached egg, egg ‘ diceplok ‘ into the boiling water.
This technique will generate the texture of a soft egg yolk with the liquid still in them. Processed this into one of the hardest egg preparations are made.
If the techniques are not correct, poached egg will burst in the water so that the end result will not be perfect.
To make poached egg, boiled water until hot then enter the eggs that have been spun off from the shell in the middle of the pan. So that the egg whites do not spread on the surface of the Pan, turn-by-turn pot slowly until it created a small whirlpool.
7. Omelet
The omelet into one type of processed eggs are most often created as a breakfast menu. Glut portions and value of its nutrition value is very suitable for high energy enhancer in the morning.
How to make it similar to scrambled eggs just added various auxiliaries such as meat, sausages, cheese, and vegetables

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