This is the privileges, Benefits, as well as the benefits of Zam Zam water

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To Muslims, certainly are familiar with holy water that comes from Makkah. There are countless benefits zam zam. Even the water zam zam is also often made by shop for pilgrims when it returned to the motherland. The water zam zam water is full of blessings and be a glut of food. Even the water zam zam is also believed to be drug in curing various diseases. This has been explained in the Hadith narrated by Muslim (Muslim).

History Of Zam Zam Water

Zam zam in Arabic means a lot/abundant. Zam zam water considered blessed of Allah SWT. Zam zam found in Wells springs located in the Holy Land of Mecca, the Holy Haram, more precisely in the southeast of the Kaaba. The well of zam zam spring water has a depth of around 42 meters and pulled out a clean water continuously.

History of zam zam of Siti Hajar, who is the wife of Prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismail. When that Siti Hajar Ismail and his son left behind by the Prophet Ibrahim. Siti Hajar and son time ran out of the water for drinking, Siti Hajar decided to go to the hills of purity and Marwah hills and hopes to find water there. Siti Hajar then trot back and forth between the hills of purity and Marwah hills as much as 7 times, but he still did not find a drop of water. Siti Hajar suddenly listen to the sound, and then he said “I heard your voice, please help me if you have any kindness”. The Almighty God sent the Angel Gabriel, and then the Angel Gabriel revealed himself. Shortly after the Angel Gabriel menghentakkan his feet on the ground, then came the water from Earth. So that the flowing water does not disappear, then the water accommodating Hajar Siti by digging the soil around the discharge of water. The Prophet continued, “If the mother doesn’t hold water it Ismail, of Zam-Zam well already be running water”.

This is the spring which became known as the well of zam zam, and many people who want to live in the vicinity. Ismail and his mother several times visited by people from the tribe of Jurhum representing their people. They come asking for permission to utilize the water and lived around the zam zam. Because of the myriad benefits of zam zam, the people who live around the well of zam zam became more and more and eventually become a very lively city.

Virtue and Efficacy of Zam Zam water

As it is well known that water is zam zam water which have blessings and virtue. The water zam zam water is most noble in the face of this earth. The Prophet said, “the water zam zam is the best water that was in the face of this earth. Consume the water zam zam could glut the belly of a hungry all at once can be a cure for all diseases “.

For people who want to get the blessings of zam zam water, it is recommended to drink or consume the zam zam water and then sprinkled it also to

face, head and chest. Zam zam is also a drug that can cure the disease. Therefore the pilgrims are encouraged to bring home the zam zam as souvenirs when home worship of the Holy Land of Mecca.

Blessing of the zam zam could make our prayer is answered. When drinking zam zam, pray and ask God Almighty. This is in accordance with the words of the Prophet, that the benefits of zam zam water to our liking when drinking it. This means that any prayer that is uttered when consume zam zam water, it is a prayer that is efficacious.

The science behind the privilege and the miracle of Zam Zam water

Though thousands of years had passed, the well of zam zam located in Arab lands with the dry desert sand continuously removing water and never dry. As the name suggests “Zam-Zam” which means abundant, zam zam never recede even though millions of liters of water continued to taken by Muslims to visit the Holy land as well as the Arab population itself.

Muslims consider this water is holy water and contains a blessing. This is evidenced by the large number of Muslims who visit there to feel the huge energy after drinking zam zam.

The water privileges zam zam has also been demonstrated by some of the world’s scientists. Dr. Saif Hamdi of Alexandria University concluded through chemical and physical research that he did against the water zam zam, zam zam water is the best water in the Earth’s surface. The water zam zam has the electrolyte balance of nutritious to health. Zam zam is also very pure and natural, as well as free from pathogenic microorganisms. According to Dr. Saif, zam zam water is effective in the treatment of diseases of the lungs and kidneys, treat migraine problems, eye diseases, and various other diseases.

In addition there is also a Japan origin, namely Dr Masasro Imoto. He says that zam zam has many features not found on other water. Nano technique used in the research are not able to change its characteristics at all. If plain water mixed with a drop of water, the water zam zam will get the privilege of zam zam.

Various privileges makes many scientists are interested in researching the zam zam. Even the water zam zam already since a long time in the analysis in many laboratories in Saudi and also Europe. From the research proved that the water content of zam zam is effective to cure the disease and provide nutrients to the body. Amazingly again no time expired at zam zam.

The other difference is, if in ordinary wells overgrown with MOSS and the bacteria, while in the well of zam zam mildew and bacteria at all not found its existence.

Benefits Zam-Zam Water

Based on the Hadith of the Prophet, the water is zam zam water glut and has efficacy to heal disease. If praying before drinking it, then God willing the prayer will be answered by him.

Benefits zam zam water can cure various diseases can also be scientifically proven. Scientifically can be explained that the water zam zam contain substances the use of which is effective to cure the disease. This substance is also called the substance anti germs.

Medically, zam zam is also free from microorganisms that can reduce the freshness of the zam zam. It can be seen from the absence of MOSS that grows on the well of zam zam. In addition the water zam zam also contains two types of minerals, namely calcium and magnesium. Two types of these minerals provide freshness for people who drink it. Therefore pilgrims that fatigue will get tremendous energy after drinking zam zam. That’s the range of benefits zam zam is so incredible.

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